25 Oct

Godiva Cafe
Shop 106, Lane 123
5 Xingye Lu, Xintiandi
Shanghai, China

PRICE: 元元元

Godiva, maker of luxury chocolates, has opened its first stores in Shanghai. How apt for a city that is growing in leaps and bounds and with so many people shifting into high-gear for luxury brands. The location in ritzy Xintiandi holds a chocolate boutique downstairs, and a sit-down cafe upstairs.

It was the cafe that we were after on a dreary rainy afternoon.. the perfect escape for us. I cannot stress how impeccable the service was at Godiva Cafe. The moment we arrived, the manager, an effervescent and smiley smartly-dressed man immediately introduced each cake to us and hovered around to answer any questions we had about the menu. It’s not just management that was attentive, even their local staff had very un-local style service. They kept refilling our water glasses, and noticing we didn’t have enough space and some bags/umbrellas were on the floor, proactively brought over some more chairs for us to place our belongings. Considering there were many other occupied tables, I was really impressed with their attentiveness and eagerness to ensure we were completely well-looked after. Very rare in Shanghai and a wonderful treat.

The menu really had me strewn because I wanted E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. After much deliberation between Chocolate fondue or Chocolate lava cake, I finally decided on the latter. It came out warm and beautifully presented on a crisp white ceramic plate. When I cut it open, the girls noted in disappointment, “Ohhhh it doesn’t have chocolate oozing out”, but I actually rather like it like that. Instead of liquid chocolate instead, it was just very very gooey in the middle – which I prefer as I’ve had under-done lava cakes that I needed a spoon to scoop up all the liquid chocolate. The cake was very rich and dense, but moist and with the warm meltingly-delicious flavour of quality chocolate. Luscious!

I also finally decided on the Hazelnut iced chocolate and was patting myself on the back with my fine choice after I had a sip :P IT WAS AWESOME!!!! The luxurious creamy flavour of chocolate was very pronounced, and cut through with the nutty flavour of hazelnut praline (blended through the drink so there were no nutty bits). Frankly, the drink tasted expensive and of quality, not like one of those simple iced chocolate drinks we whip up at home. It came with lashings of dense cream, and topped with a few mini chocolate balls.

We were there for around 3 hours (!) and the staff never once tried to chase us out. It was a lovely reprieve from China and a lovely reprieve from the rain. I am most definitely going back – in fact, we have a trip there planned for this week already ;)

Lofty ceilings at Godiva

One of the chocolatiers making some fabulous dessert concoction

Little morsels of heaven

The delectable cakes

Chocoholics Anonymous

My chocolate lava cake (60元)

Chocolate sin cake with layers of crispy and moist chocolate cake, and mousse (55元)

Spicy hot chocolate

My hazelnut iced chocolate *head explodes*

I look so ~odd~ here IMHO. Think it’s because my hair’s all tied back..

A little takeaway choc bar for Chris

Artwork made out of Godiva chocolate *licks*

Their bathrooms were Japanese cubicle style and cute!
27.5 weeks pregnant here :)

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