20 Oct

This is me…. officially in my 3rd trimester, as of today! *does the happy chicken dance*

Thought we’d take a photo to commemorate it, on a spectacular day in Shanghai and with a crazy-energetic baby in my belly :)

Things are going well – I’m really loving being pregnant with all the nice lil perks that come with it, heh. But lots of people have warned me that my physical comfort will now start going downhill from here.. as my belly will get so big I’ll find it much harder to breathe and continue with my crazy pregnant-woman-powering-all-over-the-place antics. I fully expect to slow down a LOT in this trimester, and anyway winter is drawing near so I’ll be largely house-bound most of the time.

I also have a wee request. So far, I know around 20 people that are pregnant (!). Around half of which are online friends. So I want to do a little inventory check – if you’re pregnant, can you please drop a quick note in the Comments and let me know? Want to make sure I’m reading your blog too etc. Since I don’t know many pregnant women in-person in Shanghai, I thought it’ll be nice to stay in touch with pregnant friends around the world :)

Anyway, hope you all have a lovely week!

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