14 Oct
size of a papaya
Week 22 (15 – 21 September):

He kicks strongly through the day now, and is especially wriggly after I’ve eaten. But he’s a good boy and being quiet and still when I’m in bed every night, thankfully. The weird rib discomfort I had around 5-6 times in the previous 2 weeks now doesn’t happen at all now, WHEW!!

I’m surprised at how much an unborn child can feel and react to a mothers’ stress/fear. One night, I was startled awake twice by a loud noise, and woke up suddenly with my heart *racing*. A few seconds later, he kicked and squirmed furiously inside me! It took 5 mins of belly rubbing and my voice soothing him before he settled down and fell back asleep. It’s rare for him to wake up during the night (he never does and sleeps through, as far as I know) so it was particularly obvious to me he woke up because of the cortisol (released when a person is stressed) that suddenly surged through my system. So interesting!

size of a papaya
Week 23 (22 – 28 September):

Chris is in Singapore and then Beijing this week. Coincidently, it’s also a 3-day public holiday here. Frightfully ANGRY that I wasn’t able to take the leave to go to Singapore as well, as it was so important to me to see my parents and friends there :( Sigh. At least my dear girl friends have kept me busy and lil baby keeps moving around through the day which amuses me to no end :) He’s responding to my voice this week. When I speak loudly at my belly and say his name and talk to him, he wriggles away and thumps at me in response. It’s really nice :)

My belly button has flattened out now.. it’s so weird to see and feel. Give it a month and it’s going to pop out I’m sure, haha! I read that my amniotic fluid is replaced completely every 3 hrs… and the total daily replacement volumen is 26 litres!!! No wonder i drink like a madwoman!

size of a papaya
Week 24 (29 September – 5 October):

I realised something amazing today. I have NO LEG HAIR (?!?!). Seriously, it’s all fallen out since I fell pregnant! I haven’t shaved my legs in almost 6 months (!!!!!) and there is nary a peek of a hair on my entire legs. Also, I don’t have ANY stray eyebrow hairs anymore, so don’t need to pluck. So weird, right? I didn’t realise that was a side effect of pregnancy, haha. Know where the hair’s gone? To my head. My hair is so incredibly thick and grows like crazy now, it’s actually really annoying. All I want to do is to get it chemically straightened but I can’t until after I give birth. D’oh!

Oh… and I’m officially SIX MONTHS pregnant this week – hurray! It’s our week-long public holiday so I am enjoying it to the FULLEST, hehe.

size of an eggplant
Week 25 (6 – 12 October):

Felt him hiccup for the first time. It was in the morning at 8AM and I felt like he ‘hopped’ in me. Kept doing it every 15 seconds or so, and sometimes afterwards he’ll shuffle around… then after a few minutes he stopped and went back to sleep. Very cute! Happened 3 times this week. He’s also settled into quite a regularly waking/sleeping routine . He wakes up by around 8AM and wriggles actively and shifts around for about an hour, before going quiet. Then is active around 2-4PM. And again between 7-10PM. It’s almost like clockwork every day – so funny!

Had my glucose test for Gestational Diabetes this week as well and passed, whew. We did get some cute ultrasound photos that we’re in love with :)

This week I’ve been freaking people out (housekeeper, colleagues and friends) because everyone feels I’m “far too active/mobile” for a a pregnant woman. I basically have kept up my normal lifestyle and activities – which means I do 12-hour power-eating & shopping days with friends and run around at work. Everyone feels I should be walking slower, taking it way easier, and resting a lot more. I understand that and agree.. but it’s hard to because I like my current rate of activity and it makes me feel good! In fact, I’ve been religiously going to the gym (for 1 hour a pop) 3 times a week.. for the past 6 months, ever since I found out I was pregnant. The local staff at the gym also look at me a bit shocked/worriedly when I’m working up a sweat, but I try to ignore them :P It’s hilarious that I never bothered much with the gym until I get pregnant, and then now I love it. I need it; if I don’t go, I actually feel really awful and down.

So I don’t know what’s wrong and what’s right, but I talked to my doctor and she said it’s perfectly OK if I don’t feel like a tired pregnant woman that needs to sit down all the time, and it’s OK (and actually even healthier for me+baby) to be very active and moving around as much as my body wants to. I will try to be more aware though, and no longer go out on mad ~12-hour days with girl friends running all over town ;)

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