12 Oct

I know, I know…. my blogging has taken a turn for the worse recently and I go days between posting. I actually still have a whole ton of stuff (last lot of bags, and also shoes, jewellery, clothing etc) to sell here but have been too lazy to take photos and write up descriptions. I’ll get round to it eventually! Happily though, most of you who have already purchased from me have received your bags, which is faster than I thought, so hurray :)

The main reason why I haven’t been blogging much is because… I am *ahem* spending most of my time obsessed with the birthday present Chris bought me whilst he was on his business trip last week. No, I haven’t taken a photo of it yet nor mentioned what it is – but some of you have guessed it already in the comments of my previous post where I talked about it :P So, yep, am unhealthily obsessed with it right now and can’t get enough of it.. hence little/no time for blogging, hee!

So anyway, took some pics of cute baby stuff we’ve acquired recently..

Baby loot from Mum and Dad, that Chris carried back to Shanghai

Cuuuuute clothes from , thank you hon!!

A lil bear set of clothing and blankets from a USA colleague.. so sweet :)

Piyo Piyo beanie (how I love this adorable brand!!)

Piyo Piyo bib

Piyo Piyo booties

Piyo Piyo muslin cloths

Piyo Piyo thick & soft swaddle blanket

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