27 Sep

So I did a massive purge of my handbags last night.. I have 16 handbags to sell, sell, sell! 4 Louis Vuitton, 2 Balenciaga, 1 Coach, 3 Tokidoki/LeSportsac, 1 Miu Miu, 1 Loewe, 4 randoms. After all, with a baby on the way, I want to clear space and have the cash instead. I feel really guilty having all these lovely bags sitting around when I’ve either never used them at all, or only once or twice :X What a waste! Instead, I’m much happier if they go to a good home and get loads of love and use, and I have the cash to spend on baby stuff instead :P

Since falling pregnant, I’ve also suddenly lost interest in a lot of fashion stuff and shopping-for-me in general. All I’m interested in is looking at baby stuff now, LOL! How the mighty have fallen……. Perhaps it’s the hormones, perhaps I’ve finally grown up. Who knows. Whilst I still adore my existing bags (I still kept my favourite ones, I’m not mad enough to sell ’em ALL!), I’m just not as interested.

My goal is to sell around US$10,000 worth of stuff. If I can do that, I’ll be a very happy momma! After listing all my handbags, it’ll be shoes, clothes and cosmetics… and I’ll just keep going until I’m satisfied.

All of this will go on eBay eventually, but I want to sell it here first so that I can give a cheaper price to you guys – I’d rather sell to friends than to strangers :) I am offering FREE SHIPPING in the prices, only on my blog as well. And, I’ll also take payment plans. I’ll take them over up to 4 non-refundable monthly payments then ship your goodies to you once it all clears. I accept PayPal as well as Australian bank transfer. Please note if paying via PayPal, I will only ship to the address on your account.

Sound good? :) I’ll be listing ’em in small batches, by brand. I’ll be selling stuff from around US$50 up to around $2,000 – all with free shipping of course.

First up we have……. TOKIDOKI! I originally fell in love with these bags because they are so freakin’ cute. How can you not smile at the adorable prints?! Plus, I love how lightweight these bags are, and how they hardly get dirty and are wipe-clean. The nylon fabric is the same fabric used in parachutes – cute trivia tidbit. However, as much as I adore the prints, I really only ever take the bags out to look happily at them. I don’t use ’em cos I am far too in love with slouchy leather bags, so it’s a waste for these adorable goodies to just sit around in my home….. they need a way better home to go to!

Tokidoki / Hello Kitty unicorn plush stuffed toy ***SOLD***

pic of actual plush toy

This is SO RARE it’s not even being sold on eBay. An authentic, limited edition and discontinued Hello Kitty plush by Tokidoki. Hello Kitty sports the Tokidoki symbol (heart crossbones) on her hair bow and sits on top a pink-haired unicorn! Totally gorgeous and makes a beautiful gift or to display. To give you an idea of pricing, the mini keychain version of this goes for US$30.

Condition: Brand new with tags

Price: US$75 including airmail shipping ***SOLD***

Tokidoki carezza/zucca tote in ‘carnival’ ***SOLD***

front close-up
zipper pull
front pocket zipper
closeup of popcorn
closeup of hotdog stand
closeup of monkeys
closeup of carousel

An authentic, limited edition and discontinued Carezza/zucca style bag by Tokidoki. Ultra cute print – I am VERY picky and specifically selected this one because I thought the print was perfect, with the hot dog and carousel smack bang in the middle. The detail in this bag is absolutely gorgeous! The bag is roomy but really light.. it’ll be able to carry your A4 documents and magazines without squashing them. Comes with cute dangling Qee doll keychain.

There is 1 zip pocket outside the bag, the main bag zips up with double straps, and the interior has 1 medium pockets, 1 medium zip pocket, 2 mesh pockets and 3 pockets inside the bag. Measures 15.75” x (d) 4.75” x (h) 11.25”. Retails US$184 and is no longer sold in stores.

Condition: Exterior is mint. Interior has a small ink smudge on inside pocket. Will be shipped in a silk dustbag.

Price: US$120 including airmail shipping ***SOLD***

LeSportsac ‘anne’ tote in CHARMED***SOLD***

front view
close-up of print
top view
added button

An authentic, limited edition and discontinued Anne style bag by Tokidoki. This CHARMED print is no longer available in stores and not even sold on eBay! After ages deciding, I picked this one which I thought had the perfect print – featuring the Hula Girl and the Cupcake in front. Made of washable nylon, it’s incredibly lightweight and can fit a small laptop or your Apple iPad beautifully :) I found that the bag tends to ‘fall open’ easily, so I added an elastic tie and button (see photos). If you don’t mind the bag falling open, you can easily unstitch it yourself.

The bag features 3 Main Compartments (1 open 2, zipped), a Front Zipper Pocket, a Interior Signature Zip and Open Pocket, 2 Interior Open Pockets. It has lovely rolled handles (approx 5″ drop) that don’t fall off my shoulder, which I like. Plus, it also comes with a Removable/Adjustable Shoulder Strap (approx 14 – 27″ drop) so you can wear it on your shoulder or messenger style – sooo versatile! Retails US$149 and is no longer sold in stores.

Condition: Mint/new. Comes with original receipt.

Price: US$95 including airmail shipping ***SOLD***

See anything you like?
Drop me a line in the comments with your email address, or you can contact me at: :)

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