25 Sep

Chris is in Singapore, Beijing and India (whew!) this week and next. That’s already painful enough in itself, but now even more made so due to the fact that we have 7 days of public holiday that he’s not here for :( I desperately wanted to go with him to Singapore so I could see my parents and friends there… but work won’t let me take the extra leave I needed (not even ONE day allowed!) so I am stuck here in freakin’ China instead. It makes me want to scream.

Fortunately my days are still kept busy because there seems to be so much stuff to do.. and my lovely girl friends have been hanging out with me so I haven’t gotten bored at all. It’s only at night, and sleeping alone, that’s awful..

Our baby is putting on about 1oz of weight a day – he goes through this incredible growth spurt these few weeks and really packs on fat.. so that also translates into my rapidly expanding waistline every day. Chris is gonna get a shock when he sees me when he returns in 2 weeks, muahaha ;)

Our other babies also miss him! Misty is fussing every day and quite perturbed because she can’t find a comfy spot on me – she has to sit high on my belly (which is no longer nice and soft) and our naughty baby keeps KICKING her whenever she lies there, so she keeps giving me these alarmed looks and jumping off after awhile :P Poor ‘lil ferret… she’s used to lounging on Chris and never fails to climb onto his belly for cuddles every night so she’s feeling rather put off right now about this whole… “situation” – LOL!

Little Miss Cuddles

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