21 Sep

This is our funny little story about the conception.

Obviously not going into the details so if you’re after some juicy stuff, *ahem*… go look somewhere else ;)

But, back when we were deciding to “just let nature take its course and see if God wanted us to fall pregnant”, Chris decided to buy me a Push Present. OK, the husband is meant to buy the wife the push present AFTER she’s pushed the baby out, but we were a little over-eager, so it’s kinda a Pre-push Present I guess, LOL! We wanted something that I’d never take off, much like our wedding rings.

And so, we decided on a jade bangle. I’ve been tossing up the idea of getting one ever since we moved to China anyway, because it’s just soooo Asian to have a jade bangle! I really like jade but never managed to get a bangle because of my tiny wrist (needed to buy children-size bangles and the quality isn’t always as good as the adult ones).

You know where we ended up buying this particular jade bangle? On our Huangshan holiday….. THE DAY WE CONCEIVED. Hahahhahaha!! OK, a little TMI here. But yes, we backtracked the dates and actually figured it out. How INCREDIBLY co-incidental that we bought the jade bangle as the Push Present, without realising we already had a 2-cell baby at that time ;)

So, yes. It’s a very very nice memory and tickles us silly that it was this co-incidental, I mean, how often does stuff like this happen?! It was just meant to be, I guess :P

I love the jade bangle we picked out. Its a startling bright green, unlike a lot of the more muted/milky jade bangles that women wear. And I also chose the rounded version, instead of the more modern flattish one in style now. I really wanted the bright green, round version, because it’s really old school.. it reminds me of my grandma because she wore one just like that too. I know now it’s super old-fashion to have the bangle that I chose, but I DON’T like wearing what everyone else is wearing and I specifically liked it because it was old-fashioned and people don’t wear it anymore. It’s more special to me, that way :)

I squealed with delight when they managed to dig up a super small-sized one, with a 4.8cm (1.9 inch) diameter. At least now I know what dimension bangle fits on my wrist and can buy stuff online without getting it fitted first! Chris put it on me on the day we made our video announcement.. as he wanted to wait until we got the all-clear from the doctors and announced publicly. It’s not meant to be taken off so I wear it 24/7, hence some of you sharp-eyed people will notice it on me in every photo that shows my left hand (you’re meant to wear it on the left hand so it’s close to your heart – how nice!) in the past few months )

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