18 Sep

I’m just over 22 weeks (5½ months) pregnant now :) How time flies!

Below is my little record of 4th – 5th month of pregnancy. Months 2-4 are here.

I suppose the biggest thing was our epic Eurotrip :) I was afraid that, despite being spared of all bad pregnancy-related symptoms through-out my 1st Trimester, I’d get hit hard in my 2nd Trimester. Fortunately, our jaunt around Europe was still symptom-free – much to my relief. The only thing was that my belly got bigger – which I LOVED!!! It was quite momentous to me when my belly began pooching out, because it was main physical evidence I was pregnant :)

Since then, my belly’s still growing bigger.. and now my weight has gone from 45KG (pre-pregnancy) to 51KG (right now). Sadly, I think it’s on the high end of weight gain. But I’ve been told that I should be putting on more than the average person because my pre-pregnancy weight was underweight, so I’m trying to hold on hard to that thought so I don’t feel bad about myself :X I reckon I will reach around 60KG or so by the end of my 9 months…. *gulps*!

In my 5th month, the first “bad pregnancy symptom” I’ve started getting is rib discomfort. It’s happened about 5-7 times so far, sporadically, but usually after dinner after I eat a lot. It basically feels like something’s pushing against my ribs on the inside, making them sore. Generally it’s not too bad, just a bit of a dull ache. Except for 1 day, at a friend’s house party, where it was REALLY pronounced and painful, ugh!

Chris has been wonderful, pre-empting my needs and spending hours rubbing me if I complain about my ribs. I think he’s gotten off easy though, because I haven’t puked/felt nauseous or had other stuff he’s had to deal with :P He likes rubbing/stroking my belly and takes incredible care of me, which is really nice and so thoughtful of him. He’s a bit on the paranoid side though (our parents and close friends have noticed, they keep laughing about it!), which means I virtually can’t do/eat anything without his hawkeye and frequent objections ‘cos he thinks just about everything is unsafe for the baby! LOL. But it is our first child so I know he is being extra extra careful.

Anyway, on with the mini diary :)

size of a avocado
Week 16 (4 July – 10 August):

Headed to Paris this week! We celebrated our 1st year wedding anniversary there.. and it was perfect :) My belly has also ‘popped’ now. In fact, the day after our anniversary, I was on the train in Paris and a lady got up and gave me her seat.. it was so nice of her. A very memorable wedding anniversary, hehe.

size of a large onion
Week 17 (11 – 17 August):

Travelling through South of France. Fortunately I’m feeling symptom-free still, which is a huge relief considering the amount of walking and sight-seeing we’re doing. Thank God. I imagine if I was 7 months along instead I wouldn’t be able to cope, cos I’d be too tired or big! I’m glad I’m able to keep up, but we’re still being really careful and making sure I get rests every so often and am keeping hydrated. Chris is doing an amazing job of looking after me and pre-empting all my needs.. I’m so dependent on him now it’s incredible!

size of a sweet potato
Week 18 (18 – 24 August):

In Barcelona this week.. and absolutely loving it. The place is wonderful, as is the food! Sadly, I can’t eat a lot of the delicious cuisine ‘cos it’s either raw or smoked or just unsuitable :( But still enjoying what I can eat because the food here’s awesome. We’re eating huge volumes at every meal, every day.. I haven’t weighed myself but I bet for each KG I put on being pregnant, I put on another KG of food-related fat, haha! Well, it’s worth it. I want to enjoy myself whilst we’re on holiday and Chris is approving, “must be stockier and have sturdy legs, to carry the baby”… haha!

size of a mango
Week 19 (25 – 31 August):

In Russia this week! Moscow is lovely, nice weather and much cooler than in Europe. The skies are gorgeous blue and not smoggy, as thankfully all the pollution/smog had ceased by the time we flew in – very fortunate. We’re staying with Chris’ mum and having a great time – so lovely to see her (we last saw her at our wedding 1 year ago!) and hang out. My belly seemed to have grown exponentially from last week to this week. I am obviously pregnant now – a nice man on the train told a young guy to get up to give me his seat :) My belly also obviously sticks out even with clothes on, which is nice as now I really do have proof I’m pregnant – Hurray!

Also, feeling kicks and movement :) But only on the inside, Chris can’t feel them yet.

size of a cantaloupe
Week 20 (1 – 7 September):

Back in Shanghai and the most MONUMENTAL week ever! We discovered the gender of our precious baby……. TWICE ;) When we first went for our Level II ultrasound, the baby was facing towards my spine, so the heart couldn’t be seen clearly. The technician guessed “80% a girl” and we took that as a given, tell our close friends and family we had a baby girl. We were scheduled to go back to re-check the heart 5 days later to ensure all was OK, hoping the baby was in a better position this time. It definitely was the case, because this time…. “99% a boy”! We saw the boy bits loud and clear, haha, he had ’em all hidden when he was facing the wrong direction 5 days ago.

So yes, we have a BABY BOY!!!! So delighted we will be having an oldest son :)

size of a large banana
Week 21 (8 – 14 September):

He kicks SO STRONGLY now! It distracts me and sometimes just feels so strange. Occasionally, he’ll stretch completely and hold himself in that position, so I feel something hard pressing up high on my belly, and have to massage it for a few seconds before he finally releases and shifts, LOL.

Chris can clearly feel him kick this week as well. The smile and look on proud Daddy’s face when he first felt our little boy kicking against his hand was priceless :)

He’s seemingly active throughout the day.. constantly shifting and wiggling and kicking. Fortunately, he settles down at night and doesn’t move much, so I don’t have trouble sleeping *whew*

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