GIRL…. or…. BOY?

15 Sep

We were away in France, Spain and Russia for so long that it was incredibly difficult to come back to the reality of day-to-day life.. and even more difficult to come back to China >_<

Fortunately, to counter that, we planned to have a pretty monumental baby check-up appointment scheduled for the next day after we got back, so that we’d have something to look forward to – the detailed Level II Ultrasound! It’s basically a 45 min long ultrasound that checks all parts of our baby and ensure everything’s in normal working condition.

Plus, we get to find out………………….. the gender :D Something that we were eager beavers about since the very first day. A lot of people were asking me “So do you want a girl or a boy?”, and some were even kinda rude (IMHO) and trying to insist I tell them, insisting that surely I HAD to have a preference. Well, I don’t know why people try to force a gender out of your mouth (and even more so assuming you’d want to tell them), because we wanted BOTH – very very much! If I were completely honest, I’d say we most wanted to have twins – 1 boy and 1 girl… But since we just have 1 child, we don’t really care whichever comes out first, since we’re planning to have one of each anyway :P

Quite a few of our close friends already know by now, and obviously all our family. But let’s play a guessing game here :)

GIRL…. or…. BOY?

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