14 Sep

Since we were staying with Chris’ mum in Moscow, we took the opportunity to make a few homecooked dishes here and there. It was nice because it meant we could veg at home the whole day (and catch up on surfing on the internet – heh) and we could also have some simple, fairly healthy food.

Anyway, some of the dishes we cooked up in Moscow!

Yummy home-cooked brunch – ham, tomato, mushroom, Brie cheese toasties

A warm salad we made, our attempt at being healthy!

Grilled pork chops with veggies and mashed potatoes we cooked for dinner

This LUSCIOUS hot chocolate we bought in Barcelona. Oh it was goooood and so so rich!

“I’m watching youuuuu”

Gorgeous kitty!

On a Sunday, Chris’ mum took us to this mega mall in Moscow, which totally blows away any notion of thinking that Russia is a developing country. It’s a big mall filled with shops and Russians buying, buying, buying… much like in Shanghai! It was full of European brands, loads of womenswear and cosmetics. So much fun ;) But we weren’t there to shop for ourselves… we were there to shop for our BABY!

Man, if we had unlimited incomes we would try and buy all the baby shops… why are baby things so IRRESISTIBLE?? Weirded me out too because just 6 months ago, I wouldn’t have bothered to look, let alone gone “Oooooh!” over anything. And now here I am reduced into a little puddle of goo at every cute thing ;) Chris’ mum was very nice and bought us some cute little clothes and blankies that we liked.. but most of all, it mainly was just hilarious seeing Chris trailing after both of us, holding all our shopping bags and being very patient and even picking out stuff, haha! That is, until he could stand it no longer and whispered “Honnn… I HAVE to sit down and have a coffee, my legs are gonna drop off” ;)


Cuuute lil onesies Chris’ mum bought our baby!

My absolute favourite – swaddle blanket with the cuuuutest print. It’s so soft!

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