13 Sep

I ADORE American diners. It ranks up there amongst one of my favourite ‘cuisines’. Mainly because it’s home to almost all my favourite foods – burgers, hot dogs, fries, onion rings and milkshakes :) :) :)

We coincidently went to 2 different diners whilst in Moscow. Hurray! They’re actually really good – I was wondering if Russians would pull off good ‘ol American food well… and they do. The portions were large, and the food was delish! It was just awesome, and so fun that the diners are all themed-out “old school” style. I wish Shanghai had more of these, complete with good food..

Beverly Hills Diner. Heh!

Just like an old-school American diner. LOVE.

A luscious luscious Oreo milkshake….. *salivates*

One of the nicest Onion rings we’ve had. So crisp and tasty!

Philly cheese steak sandwich and fries

Grilled chicken burger and fries

Chicken quesadilla

This is taken with Chris’ mum’s friends, at another diner (yay!), the Starlight Diner

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