12 Sep

I was so excited to try Russian food. Never had it before! Well, bits and bobs, but obviously not in Russia so it doesn’t count ;) Verdict? It’s very more-ish and stodgy… but so delicious, heh! It’s great if you’re into fatty creamy foods, not so good if you’re on a diet or into healthy-living. I mean, you can just eat salads (with creamy dressing on the side), but that’s just no fun when the other food is so inviting, is it?!

Russians eat a lot of bread (much like people in Europe I suppose) and a lot of the salads have some sort of cream sauce, coleslaw style. Their soups are healthy though, specifically the Borscht soup! I was so surprised when we got this because it is NOTHING like the “Borscht” I’ve had in other parts of the real (I realise now they are far from authentic). The proper Russian Borscht soup is predominantly made with beetroot, so the soup is a bright red/pink broth. It’s unique but yummy :)

And of course, the meats. Lots of deep fried, lots of meat swimming in pools of cream sauce, and lots of cheese and butter. It’s all really appetizing, obviously! You can’t really go wrong with deep-fried food smothered in cheese, can you ;)

At Cafe My My for lunch

What a cool interior

Beautiful glazed buns and salads galore

Huge vats of meats

Our tomato salad with sour cream(?)

The famous Russian Borscht soup!

Deeeeelish fried chicken and cheese, with butter rice

Giant meatball thing with creamy buttery mashed potatoes

The little bun had apple inside, like an apple pie!

A fluffy cheese cake

Complimentary caramels

Another cafeteria-style Russian place – I just loved these! Cheap and good.

Dessert bar……. *lusts*

Creamy pasta carbonara and meatball with cream sauce, and
Meatball in creamy nut sauce with rice and chicken kebab

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