12 Sep

And so we hopped onto a plane and headed to…………………….

Moscow, Russia!!

Yes, I know it seems a tad strange we decided to go to somewhere as far-flung as Russia, but we had good reason to. Chris’ mum lives there! She’s been there for the past 2 years (his parents are both Australian embassy folk). I wanted to see her before our baby is born, because I think it’s a bit strange for someone to ‘suddenly’ become a grandparent, which would be the case if we didn’t see each other until the baby is born. She couldn’t take the leave to come down to Shanghai to visit, so we decided to schedule Moscow into our Eurotrip.

It almost didn’t happen though. If you keep up with international news, you’d have heard that in August Moscow was hit with hundreds of bushfires. The bad kind – the kind that comes from peat and releases huge amounts of carbon monoxide into the air (!). There were reports of the skies being totally smogged-out, residents wearing masks, and embassies evacuating their stuff and issuing “pregnant women should not be in Moscow” alerts – much to our alarm. In fact, a mere 48 hours before our flight, Chris was already on the phone to Air France, asking how we can get a refund on our flight tickets, given the situation.

Then, rain poured down in Moscow, and the skies cleared. And I just decided “OK, let’s just do it” and off we went! It was the right decision, because when we got to Moscow, the weather was PERFECT. Absolutely clear blue skies, fluffy white clouds, and no smog in the air. It was like some sort of big conspiracy or something ;) Very hard to believe that just a week before we arrived, it was that bad people had to stay indoors in air-conditioned rooms!

In the car from the airport. Dunno what else I was expecting, but Moscow’s
just like any other city! Wide streets, lots of shops, etc..

Lovely wide-open spaces and blue skies

Some sort of government building? I forgot…

See?! Hard to believe it was so smoggy just a week ago!

Map of Moscow

The famous Red Square

Unique Russian architecture


Inside the mall at Red Square.. it was so nice! If only all malls were like this..

Love the airy spaces and natural sunlight

Chilling out with a coffee. Can you spot Chris? :P

We took the tourist boat one day, up and down the river

Space, glorious space! We miss this in Shanghai ;)

Sailing down the river

Stately gold-topped building

Red Square again, from the river


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