10 Sep

We went a wee bit wild buying baby clothing in Barcelona. OK, I plead the fifth. It wasn’t me that went wild. IT WAS CHRIS!! So there.

See, there was this small little baby boutique stocking Begoña Isus (a Spanish baby clothing brand) that we came across whilst wandering around Barcelona. They sell the most luscious, gorgeous knits for infants! Both of us went a little nutty in there… picking up all these mini clothes and going batshit insane at their cuteness. They’re different from the regular cotton clothing because these are thicker knits and so soft with amazing quality. That said, I won’t buy any more clothing like that because babies outgrow ’em so easily and I think plain cotton is a lot more affordable and normal to buy. Gotta love retrospective common sense, eh ;)

Anyway, a little white outfit Chris insisted on getting was priced at…… wait for ittttt………. ~US$100. Hello, have you fainted yet? I nearly did when we found out the price! And yep, he bought it, PLUS others!!! Some were on sale, but still, the savings weren’t exactly huge and instead we were left with a huge hole in our wallet. Oh, and very very cute clothes to show for it :P

And THAT was our mad baby clothing spree (though can’t really call it that cos not as if we bought a ton of stuff). From now on, we won’t buy any more ridiculously-priced baby clothing. The world must return to normal!!!!! Anyway, photos below. They don’t look that great in the pics…. couldn’t capture the feel or quality of the material unfortunately. But, we love ’em and though they were absurdly priced, we’re happy we have a wee little few pieces of super-nice clothing :)

2 most expensive baby outfits I have ever seen or bought *faint*
Chris adored the “B” one cos it stands for Burgess, hehe..

Chris loved this soft silver blanket, so we got that too..

Wee lil booties and a super-soft infant clothing set

The booties…. *squeal*!!

Stock pic of more Begoña Isus stuff

A “bebe” onesie and an adorable spaceship blue one, that Chris wanted “in case we have a boy”, LOL!
These were from Petit Bateau, so they were brilliantly priced (ie. cheap)

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