08 Sep

Here are some more random photos of local food in Barcelona. Boy, it’s a good thing we don’t live in Barcelona. I’d be the size of a freakin’ HOUSE. And then some. I found it absolutely impossible to “cut back”, the food was just too amazing. A lot of it uses the simplest of ingredients, so we couldn’t understand how it could taste THAT good. But that’s Barcelona for you – the food is simple and basic, yet packs such a amazing taste it leaves you scrambling for me.

Plus, the tapas style dining meant we could order lots and lots of little plates and try out many dishes. However, we ended up with so many dishes we liked that we kept re-ordering them at various restaurants ;) Surprisingly, food in Barcelona is cheaper than in Paris. Fantastic, because we could eat lots and not hurt our wallets. How does it compare to the food we had in France? Hard to say which one’s better! I like the richness and buttery-ness of French food, but I like the small tapas-style of Spanish food. I think I’ll just have both, thanks :P

Just a little movie Chris took of a tapas restaurant we were in,
and me chomping away in a very un-ladylike fashion (OOPS!!)

Chris enjoying his ice cold Spanish beer

Another version of Pa amb Tomàquet (tomato & garlic-rubbed bread)

Delicious mushrooms

A whole plate of ham, none of which I could eat :(

Pork loin

Little cheese croquettes

A simple sliced tomato and mozzarella salad

Anchovies and tomato on bread

Spanish paella! Ohhhhh luscious…..

Another yummy Paella

Of course, Patatas Bravas!!!!

Yet another Patatas Bravas :)~

Chipirones, those delicious deep-fried mini squid I adore

Yet another favourite dish (yes, we had a LOT of favourites, I know… I TOLD you food in Barcelona was freakin’ awesome and riiiight up our alley!!) was the Bikini. It’s basically a toasted ham & cheese sandwich. Yes, we have ’em in Australia as kids, but they completely suck in comparison. Perhaps it’s because they use their local Spanish ham and cheese that makes all the difference? Then again, you can’t really go wrong with carbs, fat and meat, can you? ;)

Bikini – a toasted Spanish ham and cheese sandwich. We ate this at almost every meal too ;)

Another Bikini! This one we stuffed with some garlic mushrooms

This Bikini was stellar ‘cos we added grilled onions!


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