07 Sep

We spent most of our days wandering around on foot and taking in the sights and sounds of Barcelona. It’s really a walking city; there is so much to discover walking around the small alleys and outskirts.. not just down the main touristy La Rambla pedestrian mall. In particular, the beaches are famous. There are 2 of them: Barceloneta Beach, and San Sebastian beach.

The sun worshippers are aplenty on the beaches, with more people sunning themselves than there were in the ocean, *lol*! Oh, I just remembered to say – one thing I gotta note is that the women in Barcelona are really attractive. Seriously! They say French women are chic and beautiful, and it’s true, they do dress very well. But the Spanish women are just downright sexy. Quite a few tall, dark, handsome men too. I suppose it’s the beach-side culture… we noticed lots of tall, slim young women prancing around in not much clothing ;)

On the downside, we both agreed that Barcelona is probably a better tourist destination if we were young and single, because we could then enjoy the crazy nightlife (Barcelona is famous for this) to the fullest extent. Instead, here we were…… a married couple with a pregnant belly, going home straight after dinner every night because we were too tired to party ;)

Walking along the harbour

Pretty palm trees and yachts

Down by the harbour, can’t see the water ‘cos too many yachts, LOL

Barceloneta Beach

Another favourite Spanish local dish of ours was Chipirones, deep-fried teeny tiny squid and served with a wedge of lemon and aioli. No, these aren’t calamari rings. They are literally tiny tiny squid! I have never seen this dish outside of Barcelona – does it exist or is it a purely Spanish thing?? I LOVED them. I mean, how can you go wrong with deep-fried seafood served with lashings of aioli/mayonnaise? You can’t, that’s what. And so, Chipirones also featured in almost every single meal we had in Barcelona as well ;)

DELICIOUS Chipirones!!!

Chilling at the restaurant right on the sand and soaking in the lovely weather

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