07 Sep

The La Boqueria markets in Barcelona are famous amongst locals and tourists. If you like food, this is Heaven for you. It’s a large covered markets filled with stalls selling Mediterranean cuisine and ingredients. And it is SO MUCH FUN! So good, in fact, we went there 3 times consecutively ;) The atmosphere is casual, messy and fun. Visitors endlessly stream in and out, buying foodstuffs to go home and cook with, and/or sitting and having a quick tapas meal.

It’s brilliant fun to poke around and discover all the local food, many of which can’t be found easily in other parts of the world. Chris hit the nail on the head when he noted “I could feed myself for the rest of my life in this market” and he’s right, there is SO much on offer, and so much variety, that you could easily eat and shop here every single day.

We were addicted to the fresh fruit juices, which came in small plastic cups and in all sorts of wild and wonderful combinations – from the plain singular fruits, to mixes. They’re €2.50 at the entrance of the market, and AVOID those, because it’s only €1.50 just a few stalls in!

Me at La Boqueria markets

A vegetarian’s nightmare

AWESOME fresh fruit juices in all sorts of concoctions

Fruit salad and blackberry/coconut juice

Olives galore

I nearly fainted ‘cos I thought these were ferrets at first. Turns out, they’re rabbits..

So many different types of eggs!

The markets also had loads of seafood

GIANT black truffles and huge foie gras…


We discovered that the La Boqueria markets were open early at breakfast time, and of course, had our breakfast there…… for 3 days ;) It was all too exciting that we didn’t manage to go to other cafes/restaurants outside for breakfast, and instead kept making a beeline for La Boqueria markets (only 3 mins walk from our hotel) every morning for breakfast!

It was here we found the best breakfast in the world. It’s so simple, so easily done… it made us wonder why every country hasn’t snapped up this dish. It’s just super-fresh Spanish shaved cured ham, perfectly-cooked poached eggs…. all dumped on top of a mound of fries. Ohhhh…… maaaannnnn….. when we saw it, our hearts nearly fell out. We HAD to order a plate ;) Unfortunately for pregnant me, I can’t eat ham or poached eggs, but I did snatch the fries off Chris ;) He adored the breakfast and I am so envious because it made me want to live in Barcelona and have this for breakfast. Every. Single. Day.

Breakfast at the La Boqueria markets

Watching our breakfast being cooked to order

Fresh ham, runny poached eggs on fries. BEST BREAKFAST IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A fantastic, flakey Palmiers (delicate leaf-shaped pastries made of puff pastry and sugar)

Loved this ball of little cookie bites covered in a super rich chocolate!!

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