06 Sep

And so we hopped onto a plane and headed to…………………….


Funny. Where we thought France was beautiful and super-cool, Barcelona was like a magical homerun. IT WAS PERFECT. Both of us thought it was even better than all of France! It was the atmosphere that suited us the most – very relaxed, laid-back and where everyone seems to be happy and chill. The weather, again, was perfection.. and the streets were a lot more fun to wander around than in France. Hard to explain why, but there were lots of bustling little alleyways, people puttering around, adorable little cafes, etc… When I type it down, it sounds like it’s similar to France, but the atmosphere was different and we loved it more.

And of course, THE FOOD. Whoa it was awesome. We love to eat tapas-style, which come in small little plates and you order lots of them (which means we get to try out more dishes!) and all the food was so different, interesting, and delicious to us. We had a blast eating our way through the city, discovering fantastic Spanish food (YES it is totally different to the ‘Spanish’ food you get in Australia, Singapore, and China).

Friends that have been to Barcelona kept telling me “Barcelona is my favourite city in the world, you’re gonna LOVE it.” and I was wondering why they would say that. We now realise why. It really is beautiful and a total must-visit place at least once in your life :)

We stayed at the Hotel Pulitzer, right in the main area of the City

Cannot recommend this hotel more highly – great room and amazing service!

Right outside our hotel in the evening

We walked outside and randomly stumbled upon Qu Qu (Quasi Queviures) (24 Passeig De Gracia, Barcelona). We really lucked out, because we were blown away with the food – our first meal in Barcelona! I loved the contemporary layout and mosaic floors – it was all open kitchen and the salads, meats and seafood looked exceedingly fresh, and the restaurant was large and clean. We sat al fresco outdoors so we could people watch and enjoy the warm sun, and chowed down on some tapas for a quick snack.

Qu Qu

Pa amb Tomàquet – a superb Spanish dish. A slice of bread rubbed with a fresh Mediterranean
tomato (that, by the way, tastes better than regular tomatoes you get in other areas of the world),
fresh garlic, and drizzled with olive oil and salt. Deliciousness!

Potato omelette (Tortilla De Patatas)

Chris’ pick – anchovies and sliced tomato on bread

A lovely light salad with shrimps and avocado

Our FAVOURITE dish of all time in Barcelona? Patatas Bravas. If you know this dish, you’ll know EXACTLY why we love it ;) It’s simple, but mind-bogglingly foodgasmic. It’s merely deep-fried chopped potatoes, slathered in a spicy tomato/mayonnaise sauce. You’ll bloody *faint* when you first eat this – we did. It’s better the fries and so freakin’ addictive!!!!!!! Every tapas bar in Barcelona has it…………….. so guess what we had for EVERY. SINGLE. MEAL in Barcelona…………..? ;)

Patatas Bravas – best dish ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
Remember this name, you’ll see it in all my Barcelona food entries coming up :P

The main pedestrian mall is called La Rambla and is over 1KM long. It’s lovely to walk beneath the trees, though we did find it a bit touristy with people hawking random wares and loads of buskers.

Walking down the main street, La Rambla

There were loads of buskers

Squirrels, I think?


On La Rambla, there’s this beautiful building designed by Antoni Gaudí

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