05 Sep

Annoyed with our failure of a trip to Saint Tropez, Chris was adamant we go to the nearby seaside town of Cassis, which was one of the recommended must-go places by our French friends. Cassis is actually an ancient fishing port by the ocean, but was rebuilt on the old ruins in the 18th century, resulting in a more regular layout than most other medieval villages. However, there are still old buildings that you can see when you wander around the narrow alleys, and they’re beautiful. The harbour is the gem of Cassis. It’s set beautifully against the high white limestone cliffs and is relaxed, chilled and fairytale-like.. very different to the hustle and bustle of Marseilles. We really adored Cassis because of the atmosphere and the feeling of peacefulness and security there.

The beautiful town of Cassis

We were lucky that there was a little outdoor market whilst we were in Cassis. HURRAY for little markets!! *glee* So of course we poked around in there.. or rather, I did, whilst Chris videoed me ;)

Poking around in their outdoor markets

Chris video-ing me puttering around the markets, lol

Bought a cute little orange bracelet!

After pottering around the little alleys and nooks and crannies, we headed down to the Port. It’s formed in an arc, with cafes dotted all along it. It was so relaxing soaking in the sunset and wandering along the harbour, before settling into a random little cafe for some crepes. The crepes were nowhere near as good as the crepes we had in Paris, but still decent and at least it gave us a chance to sit out by the harbour and enjoy the views and people-watch.

Lots of narrow alleyways housing lil cafes and shops

Walkng down to the port area

The beautiful port of Cassis

I like this pic :)

Cassis port area

Street performers, they were GOOD

Video of the performers

Sitting down to enjoy the sunset and have a meal


Vanilla milkshake + fries = awesome

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