03 Sep

Whilst in Marseilles, we just had to go on a cruise around the Calanques, since the weather was totally perfect and the sea a sparkling jeweled turquoise. The Calanques are deep narrow inlets of water in the high rocky white-coloured cliffs along the coast between Marseilles and Cassis, and were formed by rivers flowing into the sea many moons ago. The contrast of the high white rocks and dark turquoise sparkling ocean is magnificent, and many have little harbours or little beaches in each alcove – so cute!!

We went on a 3-hour cruise that sailed around the Calanques, in and out of each nook so we could enjoy the view and the fresh air. There were only a few people on our large boat, which was fantastic as it gave us a lot of room to wander around and enjoy the warm afternoon sun. Ooooo… and enjoy we did! It was lovely chilling out on the boat, soaking in all that fresh air and sunshine, and just wasting time. Instead of, you know, stressing out in the office at our desks ;) I think I prefer THIS kinda life :P

On ze boat!

Casting off from the harbour

A video of me on the boat, about to set sail


This is Château d’If, made famous by “The Count of Monte Cristo”

Gorgeous scenery

Rich people in yachts

Back on land, we had a lovely meal at a random cafe we stumbled upon, which was situated in a small courtyard with a water fountain in the middle. It was fairly good value for money as the portions were large. Though we must have looked rather comical, as Chris ordered the Chicken breast and spinach salad (very fresh and delish, esp with the ratatouille on top!) and I sat with my giant platter of Veal with pasta, heh. I don’t care though, because my dish was AWESOME!!!! So creamy, so tasty, so freakin’ fantastic.

In the courtyard area of Marseille port

A chicken breast and spinach salad

Veal with pasta – I ADORED this!!

A big fat ‘ol ice cream for dessert

A bit random, but I caved and NEEDED A BURGER. So we got this. It was only average :(

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