02 Sep

We spent yet another day puttering around the South of France visiting little villages and poking our noses this way and that. What a relaxed and laid back life these people live! And we were constantly amazed at the DELICIOUS food here. We love seafood and the Provence region does it simply spectacularly. Extremely fresh seafood, delicately cooked to perfection, and reasonably priced to boot. I love how the French can throw together a few ingredients and come up with something simple yet stunning. How do they do this??

And, for the first time, I stood next to a real sunflower. Actually I can’t remember if I have before, and even if I have, I was too young to remember anyway. This was a HUGE field of wild sunflowers, as tall as me and their flowers larger than dinner plates! It was a stunning sight and made us stop our car and get out to check them out. They were so pretty and, combined with all the lavender fields, made me really pine for living in a country with proper vegetation instead of the concrete jungle of Shanghai :X

Hullo from Lacoste!

Video of me on the top of Lacoste

The people in the South of France must be really fit,
given all the stairs they always have to climb!


Some grapes(?) along the way to Manerbes

Al fresco dining in Manerbes

A fantastic lemonade-sort of drink

Delicious fresh fish, butter rice, and ratatouille

Tartine with grilled vegetables – this was giant, haha

A very awesome apple tart

Enjoying the view

Really tall sunflowers. OK fine, they were only as tall as I am ;)

It doesn’t look like it in this pic, but the sunflowers were as big as our faces!

Pretty little daisies

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