31 Aug

We also visited the pretty town of Sault, during our time in the South of France. It was surreal that the scenery and weather were so gorgeous – with crystal skies and a balmy breeze. It was so fun pottering around the little streets of the Sault and exploring all the little treasures. I imagine the people that live here would be really laid back and relaxed, since time moves so slowly here and they’re far away from the bustling cities. What a nice lifestyle! Then again, I wouldn’t choose to live here because I’d go insane with boredom – as much as I love the countryside, I’m a city girl at heart and can only survive holidays in the country. Still, very lovely to visit and enjoy :)

More perfect weather in the South of France

Another hillside little town

A giant dam(?) in the middle of nowhere

The red/ochre-coloured town of Roussillon

Tree-lined roads

So many rolling hills and mountains!

In the town of Sault

Little knick knack shop

A floaty and super-comfy skirt I bought at Blanc Du Nil.
It’s stretchy so makes a great maternity skirt ;)

All sorts of lavendar, nougat, chocolate, olive oil, honey, foie gras, pate, etc, we bought.
Happy as a clam with our purchases… all so lovely!! :)

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