31 Aug

The wonderful thing about the South of France is being able to go on…… road trips!

It felt amazing to be able to get into a car and just drive. To see rolling hills, green countryside, and little villages. We used to go on road trips back when we lived in Australia, and really miss it when we’re in Shanghai. So we spent our time in the South of France to the fullest, driving everywhere and enjoying the gorgeous weather and lovely scenery.

We were fascinated with the little town of Gordes, in the Provence region of France. Situated on a hilltop, the picturesque old village is composed of stone houses with terracotta clay tile roofs spiraling around the mountain peak, completed by a 12th-century castle perched at the top of the mountain. Sounds pretty? It sure was!

Road trip!

The roads of the South of France

The fairytale town of Gordes

At the top of the village

We stumbled upon La Bastide de Gordes & Spa, a luxury hotel perched in the heart of the village. It was here that we had a simple lunch, in their outdoor garden offering breathtaking views over the Luberon hills and featuring hanging gardens overlooking the valley below. It. Was. STUNNING. The views were beautiful, especially given the clear, sunny weather. It felt like we were in a fairytale, sitting under lush trees with a lovely breeze in the warm sun, and overlooking the mountains and valley.

And…. their Paninis. We just assumed all paninis are created equal. It was here that we learned it’s simply not true. I nearly fainted when I took a bite of mine. Let me clarify first that generally, I’m NOT a fan of sandwiches – I find them too plain, boring, and the bread just a ‘filler’. But theirs was amazing. The bread was flattened because it was toasted, and so was crisp and not dry and tough at all (and don’t forget French really do bake their bread better). Mine was stuffed full with a ton of tender chicken, tomatoes and cheese, and had this stunning “capres et citron confit” (capers and lemon) spread. It was REALLY GOOD. All washed down with a chilled peach juice and cold glasses of water, our simple lunch was pure bliss. On the downside, it was 14 euro for each panini (yeowch!!) but worth it because it was so amazing – both the food and the views.

At La Bastide de Gordes & Spa

Poulet, tomates, mozzarella, capres et citron confit


Top of the world! Or at least, at the top of Gordes

In the main area

Puttering around an adorable little French shop

Lots of little nooks and crannies.. check out the mountains peeking out behind the leaves

Enjoying life – I love this pic :)

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall…………

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