28 Aug

Founded in 1680, La Petite Chaise (36 Rue Grenelle, 75007 Paris, France) is considered “the oldest restaurant in Paris”. In fact, the iron gate in front of the restaurant is now a historical monument. The nobility, lords/ladies and famous people frequented this restaurant since the early days.. and now artists, politicians, actors, and writers are part of their clientele. Now that is quite a claim to fame!

A very traditional French restaurant, the tables are all crammed in together but that serves as part of the charm. I just have to note here, that I don’t know why people complain that French service is rude. Almost all the places we went to had very friendly, helpful staff..! From time to time some were just neutral, but not rude rude. And, La Petite Chaise totally takes the cake when it comes to STELLAR service. The staff were exceedingly polite and friendly, and very patient with all the diners. They appeared to genuinely enjoy their job, and that made our meal particularly memorable and pleasant.

La Petite Chaise

Warm interior

Water and wine, our standard with almost every meal in France

The Escargots de Bourgogne au beurre d’ail anise arrived with each little snail swimming in it’s personal pot of garlic and herb oil. LUSCIOUS. They were springy with just a bit of bite, and the baguette was lovely dunked into the hot oil afterwards.

Escargots de Bourgogne au beurre d’ail anise

The Parmentier de poissons a l’echalote et sa salade verte was basically a fancy seafood shepherd’s pie. It had mixed seafood, and topped with mashed potatoes and a layer of melted grilled cheese. Very more-ish and lovely comfort food. I, however, ADORE the Cuisse de canard d’orange, gratin de legumes. The duck is absolutely and totally cooked to perfection – the meat easily falling off the bone and moist and tender. The orange sauce gave an interesting citrus twist to the otherwise rich flavour, and the gratin was full of cream and cheese and tasted amazing.

Parmentier de poissons a l’echalote et sa salade verte

Cuisse de canard d’orange, gratin de legumes

We decided to share the Chocolate gateau, which arrived looking like a cake, but tasting more like a dense mousse. It was very rich, and so moist… yet had this fluffy texture that meant it didn’t feel too ‘heavy’ in our bellies. It was very very very good!

Chocolate cake – so so moist yet airy. Amazing!

It was particularly memorable to spend our last night in Paris dining in Paris’ oldest restaurant :) We thorougly enjoyed ourselves and the lovely service really made our dinner.

Just before leaving Paris… I picked up a few L’occitane bits and bobs, since they’re a French brand. I am LOVING the Mum & Baby balm which comes in a big or a mini tin. It’s a soft creamy balm that you scoop out with a spatula or your fingers.. and works as a lipbalm, moisturizer, heel/elbow salve, hair flyaway tamer, etc, etc. It has a very mild subtle scent that dissipates quickly and uses natural ingredients, so it can be used as a massage balm for a baby too. Highly recommended :)

A few L’occitane goodies (I love the “Mum & Baby” range!) before we left Paris :)

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