28 Aug

We’d heard of another well-known restaurant, Brasserie Gallopin (40 Rue Notre Dame des Victoires, 75002 Paris, France), in Paris.

The classic French brasserie is beautiful inside, all ornate with dark mahogany interiors and a luxe Belle Époque décor circa 1900. The staff, smartly dressed, were very attentive and all the food came out swiftly. And boy, the quality of the food was good! Especially the Foie gras.. which just seems to be superior in France than it is in other countries. If I lived in France, I’d eat Foie gras every day, with some fresh baguette and a coffee afterwards. Ahhhh….. bliss…..

The ornate Brasserie Gallopin

A glass of Kir wine for Chris

Salmon and Cucumber Tart, which turned out to be raw salmon so I couldn’t eat it, boo!

Foie gras… *salivates*

I snuck a wee bit and it was LUSCIOUS. How I wish I could have eaten it all!

This was also where I had the best French Onion soup ever. I don’t often order this dish, because it’s usually not done well. But the French Onion soup is their speciality here, and man, they really hit the nail on the head. It came out steaming hot, having been freshly baked. The ceramic pot came with a crust of cheese on top, which I dug into to reveal a lot more gooey cheese underneat. Nestled under that was the soup – which was more of a rich gravy than a watery soup. It was dark brown and FULL of flavour of sweet caramelised onion, with the onion also mixed through it. Finally, they put in chunks of baguette into the broth so that the bread soaked it all up. It was a meal in itself, to be honest! So so so rich, it really packed a punch.

The Chicken breast on roasted vegetables was surprisingly plain. I suppose just as well, considering the fat/cheese content of the aforementioned dishes ;) It was plain cooked chicken breast on some veggies, and with a creamy sauce. Nice and simple, but nothing amazing.

French Onion soup

The best I’ve had. So so so so cheesy and gooey

Chicken breast on roasted vegetables. Nice but not outstanding

We skipped dessert which in retrospect was a mistake, as we saw another table having Crepes Suzette, flambeed right at their table – how fun!! Gallopin is a lovely place for a lazy afternoon lunch, or even to drop in for a dessert and coffee. Lovely to entertain there too, considering their gorgeous interior.

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