27 Aug

Chez Dumonet has rave reviews online, especially for their Boeuf bourguignon, said to be one of the best in Paris. I’ve only ever had it a handful of times, and certainly not in France, so it was one of the Must Eat items on our list :P The cozy restaurant was tucked into a little lane (like many French restaurants are), and full of warm woods and soft yellow lighting. Despite being located on a quiet street, it ended up being a full-house – impressive!

The cozy lil interior of Chez Dumonet

After some champagne, a quick amuse bouche and some fresh French baguette, the Foie gras de canard frais maison arrived. It’s made on premises by their chef and was STUNNING. Really creamy, with a strong rich flavour and just decadent. It was served with some thin slices of warmed bread, but went just as well with the baguette.

Complimentary champgne! Chris had to drink both glasses, LOL

Delicious French baguette

Amuse bouche

Amaaazzzzziiinnngggg Foie gras de canard frais maison. I caved and had a teeny bit :P

And then the mains. My Boeuf bourguignon aux tagliatelles was flat-out AWESOME. I’ve never had a more tender beef stew in my life. The big chunks of beef (the size of my first) were meltingly soft, braised for hours in the rich dark sauce. No knife was needed, it fell apart when my spoon scooped up pieces of it. Mixed in with the butter-tossed tagliatelle pasta, it made my head spin and tastebuds quiver. So tasty, not too salty, and that soft beef!!!!

Chris selected the Cassoulet maison which came out in a GIANT pot (eg. the type you cook stews for 4 people in) and stuffed with homemade sausages, duck confit, pork chunks, etc. Oh, and tons and tons of white beans. Hilarious, because Chris hates beans ;) He still ate the dish though and the beans didn’t seem to bother him too much ;) I would say the dish easily feeds 2 people, because it’s just too large for 1 person and gets boring after awhile since it’s so huge. The flavours were much milder and the dish was great value, but I think the Boeuf bourguignon was still better.

Boeuf bourguignon aux tagliatelles

The best bourguignon I”ve ever had, no contest!

Cassoulet maison (saucisse, confit de canard, poitrine de porc). This was GIANT!!!

I’d mentioned that we were in Paris celebrating our 1st year wedding anniversary when I made the reservation, and so when our Millefeuille came out, they turned off all the lights and came parading out with it, with a giant sparkler sitting atop! Everyone turned to look and asked us what we were celebrating :P

The dessert was GIANT. Normally, Millefeuille is a little square, never bigger than the size of your palm. This one? Try 3-4 palm’s worth! We were astonished. “How the heck are we gonna finish this?!??!”, we asked each other, since our mains were so big. Well, WE DID ;)

With our very long piece of Millefeuille, the biggest portion we’ve ever seen LOL
They stuck this massive sparkler on it, turned off the lights, then brought it out!

Flakey pastry and creamy custard.. mmm… Though not as perfect as the Millefeuille
at L’obe in Hotel Crillon!

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