26 Aug

We didn’t splurge tooooo much in Paris.. since we were so busy sight-seeing and eating, heh. We did, however, hit the Infant/Childrens department of everywhere that we went (funny how things change so quickly and I’m far more interested in that now!).

And….. we got a 1st Birthday present for our (unborn) child. Haha. Yes yes, we are eager beavers!! So when our child turns 1 year old, we have the cutest lil outfit all ready to be worn ;)

We found this freakin’ adorable Chloe denim dress, a little pinafore that a little girl can wear as-is, or with a little white blouse underneath. We also got the Chloe cotton bonnet to match, and paired with a pair of little white shoes, she’ll be such a pretty picture! That is… uhhhh…… if we have a girl ;)

Chloe denim pinafore dress

Matching cotton bonnet

Me and my baby bump :P

But if we have a boy? We’re also sorted. Chris picked it out – smart little blue overalls with a striped top that goes on underneath. You can’t see it in the pic, but the elbow parts have red patches sewn into them – sooooooo cute!!

Both the outfits are for 1-year-olds; we figured that’s when they’re upright and going out more, so the outfits will be more suited (a bit useless to have cute outfits on a newborn that’s lying down all day!).

Little boy overalls!!

And finally, Chris selected a very special present for our baby – the cutest, softest lil thing ever.. for a boy or girl infant. All wrapped up to be opened and given to our baby when he/she is born :)

A present for our baby :)

Soooooo, what do you think? Cute? And anyone else as mental as we are and buying clothes 1 year in advance, “out of pure cuteness”? :P

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