24 Aug

I heard of Crepetown in Paris.. or rather, I just named it that :P It was a little street lined with creperies that were very reasonably priced and famous because they serve up fast, delicious crepes. When we got there, however, we found that a few of the famous ones were “closed during August”, arghh! But fortunately, there were a whole bunch still open and packed with people.

We settled down at La Creperie Bretonne, which drew us in with their Brittany-style blue and white decor and bustling service. They’re a tiny little nook of a restaurant, with a little corner where they cook up the crepes. And boy, do they cook quickly! Our order came within a few minutes of ordering.. beautiful brown crepes arriving at our table with an intoxicating scent of melted cheese and butter wafting into our noses. Ahhhhh…..

And yes, the crepes really taste different in France! Partly because they’re made of buckwheat flour, and so have this beautiful flavour that I adore (I won’t bother eating ‘regular’ crepes again), and partly because they use their delicious French cheeses, hams and ingredients inside.

We enjoyed our crepes so much that we ended up ordering dessert crepes too, and ended up stuffed full of crepes by the end of the night ;) My absolute favourite spread in the world is Nutella, in fact, I eat it right out of the jar in big spoonfuls, so I try not to start because I can’t stop myself when I open our jar at home. It was fantabulous here – creamy, chocolatey, smooth and rich. HEAVEN!

La Creperie Bretonne

Kir, an alcoholic cider

Tiny open kitchen, that made crepes at record speed

Our crepes came out all brown and smelling incredible, with a pat of butter on top

My crepe, which came with ham, cheese, and ratatouille. ZOMG it was awesome!!

Chris’ crepe, with ham, cheese, mushrooms and egg

Chris’ dessert crepe, a Crepe Suzette!

Mine – Nutella crepe with vanilla bean ice cream.. Delicious beyond description.

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