23 Aug

A bit more of our sights around Paris. taken after our Laduree brunch. We were lucky the weather was really lovely during our time in Paris, since we were outdoors so much! It was a bit novel to see clear blue skies and white clouds.. something we don’t quite get in Shanghai ;)

August is tourist season in France, so we did end up having to face a ton of tourists. I wonder if the local French people get a bit resentful of so many loud-mouth tourists blabbing away and taking photos everywhere? Perhaps they do, because also in August, all the Parisiens leave in a mass exodus ;) Unfortunately for us, many of the recommendations for restaurants we received from our French friends (THANK YOU guys!!!) were closed all of August. Booooooo. Fortunately, there are TONS of cute little bistros and restaurants everywhere you look in Paris, and all are actually pretty good, so we didn’t end up in a situation where we couldn’t find a good place to eat.. *whew*..

The tourist attractions were, naturally, packed. It gave the whole place a bit of a “Disneyland” feel, since everyone was wandering around and not going to work, relaxing, snapping photos, etc. The downside was that crowds scare me, and people frequently bump into you because they’re so busy looking at stuff they don’t look where they’re going. At least it’s not like in China where they slam into you and don’t apologise!

I would recommend tourists to try and skip the August period and try going in June or July instead – where the weather is still lovely, but way less tourists, and the great local places are all open :)

Arc de Triomph, at the start of Champs-Élysées

Crossing the bridge over the Seine River, near the Pont Neuf area

By the Seine River

Notre Dame cathedral

Inside the catheral. It was sooooo high!

All lit up with candles

Beautiful stained glass windows

A gorgeous candy store

Being strange whilst crossing back over the Siene River :P

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