21 Aug

Whilst in Paris, I just had to check out the Chanel boutiques. I was determined not to buy a bag, and was pleased I managed to resist :P I did see a pair of gunmetal silver booties that were adorable, but had quite a high heel.. so I decided to pass on them since high heels are not good for big ‘ol pregnant women, lest we topple over!

I did, however, ask to see their earrings. Chris decided to get me another (his main anniversary present to me is a secret just for us at the moment!) anniversary present and picked out a pair of Chanel earrings that I simply adore!!!! It’s a plain simple black “CC”, with a single round pearl dangling from each one. We thought it was really classic and understated, and I can wear it for many years to come. It was also a little Paris souvenir for us to remember our 1st year anniversary in Paris…. so it will always put a smile on my face every time I put them on :)

I love how they go with everything since they’re so understated. And, Chris likes me with pearl jewellery so this was just perfect. THANK YOU honey, I looooooove them lots :)

I has a Chanel (paper) bag!

So cute how buying something (relatively) cheap at Chanel still gets you pretty packaging!
Kindly ignore the silly duffer in the background ;)

The earrings box with the Chanel flower at the bottom

Chanel pearl drop black-CC earrings

On me! Quite understated, right?

Another pic

And a close-up. Love them :)

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