19 Aug

I heard that Angelina (226 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France) did “the best hot chocolate in France” so I was very keen to check them out. Situated right at the Jardin des Tuileries gardens and the gorgeous Crillon Hotel (where we had our anniversary lunch), it’s a little cafe that’s surprisingly big inside. It’s actually fairly run down on the inside, with dirty thread-bare carpets, but still draws a big crowd (every table was filled when we got there) because of just one thing: their hot chocolate.

The hot chocolate arrives in a little jug – thick and creamy. You pour it into your cup, then add a BIG dollop of the fresh cream that’s provided (it comes piled high!). Give it a little stir and take a sip. HEAVENLY. It’s very rich, luscious, and decadent. Filling too!

Their hot chocolate is, yes, the best one we had in France. Their secret is that they use quality chocolate, make it really thick, and give you lots of fresh cream. You can’t really go wrong with that combination :P

Their food, however, is totally sub-par, with really really high prices. My Croque Madam was dry and simply unmemorable. I basically had to make myself finish it so I wouldn’t go hungry. The Ham and Cheese Omelette was better, but still nothing earth shattering. It was nice and cheesy which was good but still pretty pricey for what you get. The Quiche Lorraine would’ve been excellent, if not for the fact that it was WAY overly salted (what is it with France and over-salting their food???).

I’d go back to Angelina for their hot chocolate any day, but would pass on their food.



Beautiful pastries

LUSCIOUS hot chocolate, which you dollop the cream onto!

Gorgeous cream and hot chocolate, a match made in heaven

Et voila!

My croque madam – very uneventful

Ham and Cheese Omelette

Quiche Lorraine

In hot chocolate bliss :)

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