17 Aug

8 of us met up for dinner in Paris, in a very typical French bistro, La Nouvelle Epoque. So much so that no one working there spoke any English and the patrons are French. It was recommended by who in turn was recommended by , so I guess we can’t go wrong with that!

It’s a tiny little restaurant, very typical in France. Yet, they pack so much in a little space and it gives a lovely cozy vibe. We piled in and promptly ordered from their set menus. What I love about France is their set meals (“Le plat du jour”) which changes daily and usually at a very reasonable price. It’s a great concept – I reckon all countries should enforce all their restaurants to do this (I believe it’s the law in Paris?)!

Anyway, so here’s some of the dishes were ordered. No photos of people, I forgot, oops!! But I’m happy I captured what authentic French food is like.. a LOT more of that coming up, because we ate French for every. single. meal. Heh!

Oh, one cute thing that made me feel special :) I ordered the Cuisse de canard confit juste rotie en persillade as my main, which comes with a side of salad. Salads are for boring people, so I asked if I could swap mine for….. FRIES! (I ate fries almost every single day in France, hehehehhe…. it’s my single mad craving) The lady said no, cos they don’t do fries. One of the guys said “But… she’s pregnant” and the lady smiled and said she’ll see what she could do.

When my dish came out, it had fresh cut fries on it!!!! The awesome chef had obviously cut up a potato and made fries and OH BOY THEY WERE GOOD. Fresh fries cut from potatoes really do taste different, I didn’t realise that. It had an almost sweet flavour, and were amazing dipped in mayonnaise. That, or the French really do french fries better.

La Nouvelle Epoque

Pretty water bottle. I LOVE how in France they give you water for free
without making you feel like a dirty stingy bastard!

My Poelon d’escargots au beurre d’ail.Dunno if pregnant women can eat snails, but I did anyways :P

A salmon tartare.. oh man.. it looked good..

Goats cheese salad

FOIE GRAS!!!!!!!!!

More foie gras! A Croistillant au foie gras pomme confite et fromage de chevre

Piece de coeur de rumsteak echalotes, sel rouge et ciboulette

My Cuisse de canard confit juste rotie en persillade (duck leg). It was lusciously
tender, but way over-salted. The fries? INCREDIBLE.

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