16 Aug

Ahhh…. sight-seeing around Paris… on a perfect Parisien summer’s day. Clear blue skies and fluffy white clouds with warm balmy weather, if only Shanghai was just like this every day!

OK, I lie a bit. We did maybe 20% sight-seeing, 40% eating, and 40% shopping ;) I mean… isn’t that the recipe for a perfect day?? I loved pottering around Paris, and checking out all the shops. The brands are different here, and the ones that exist outside of France are cheaper here, which is a bit dangerous ;) Thankfully, since falling pregnant, I’ve lost interest in shopping/buying stuff (SHOCK HORROR!). So I didn’t go crazy but I did cave and buy a pair of really nice Repetto shoes. I like the brand because they do lovely ballet flats, and I discovered they have these pair of pumps with a small heel – perfect for work or dinners yet low enough so they’re still comfy. I bought them in basic black leather so that they’ll be a classic :)

We did so much we were exhausted by the end of the day. The French lifestyle may be relaxed, especially in the summer months.. but as tourists, because we walk around so much (or maybe we’re just not used to walking), it’s especially tiring! I’m just glad I’m 4 months pregnant (prime time in a pregnancy for travel) and not 8-9 months or I’d completely collapse ;)

At the very ornate Opéra national de Paris building

This looks like a Photoshopped the sky. I didn’t!

At the famous Lafayette shopping mall… *quivers*

Beautiful domed interior of Lafayette

Pretty tiered levels. If only all malls were this gorgeous inside!

And of course, some famous Pierre Herme macarons. I had the Chocolate one, which was
divine. See later for comparison with the other famous macarons from Laduree!

My wee Paris souvenir – Caroline Najman bracelet

A bigger Paris souvenir.. Repetto, a fantastic comfy shoes brand!

Love the nice box!

Leather low-heel pumps. Fab ‘cos I can’t wear high heels now

Us doing the tourist thing at the famous Champs-Élysées

Down Champs-Élysées

My mini Sephora haul. I ADORE Bare Minerals.

The mega Sephora store on Champs-Élysées

Well, at least I didn’t cave and buy anything at Louis Vuitton, unlike some people ;)

Then it was off to the La Vallée Village, a little village
in the middle of nowhere, with outlets galore! How surreal does it look?!

Shopping pals :D

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