15 Aug

A traditional French breakfast consists of:

Glass of orange juice
Croissant or chocolate croissant
Baguette with butter and jam(s)

So simple. So divine. We’ve had it every. single. day. And I haven’t gotten sick of it! Though, I do wonder how the French eat all that butter and carbs every day and still not get fat?? It’s true, I do see WAY less obese/overweight people here in France than I do in America and Australia! It’s confounding.

Not complaining though, it’s my idea of an awesome breakfast :P Specifically, THE BEST BREAKFAST award goes, hands down, to Café du Marché (37, Rue de Bretagne 75003 Paris). They honestly serve the best of the best –

Coffee – creamy and luscious. I had the Hot Choc instead and it was filled with little bits of choc.
Glass of orange juice – freshly squeezed!! Others were from a carton.
Croissant or chocolate croissant – warm and buttery soft. The best croissants we’ve had in Paris.
Baguette with butter and jam(s) – it came slathered with butter and with delicious jam.

And all that for €6.90!! Perfection. If you live in Paris or ever go there, GET THEE TO THIS PLACE! A small lil cafe with great service, and though we’ve had the same breakfast all over France, this one comes out #1.

Café du Marché – best breakfast in France

Fantastic hot chocolate and fresh orange juice

Hot croissants


Baguette with butter and jam(s)

Chris, with .. happy as a clam

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