10 Aug

Our 1st year Wedding Anniversary lunch was at the Crillon Hotel. It was intially meant to be in the main restaurant area, which my friend recommended highly. But they’re shut all of August (argh) so we decided to go to their L’obe brasserie instead.

The hotel is exquisite. All marble and opulence, it’s quiet and luxurious inside, so we had to make sure to behave ourselves ;) There weren’t many people in L’obe so the service was incredibly attentive. We adored the complimentary bread (it’s true, bread really does taste better in France!!) and all the dishes were lovely. The only downside was that it was a GORGEOUS day outside, and the restaurant is all indoors… but fortunately we spent the rest of the day afterwards wandering around in the gardens enjoying the sunshine, so that made up for it :)

Entering the Crillon Hotel

The lobby

Very quiet corridors

L’obe Restaurant

The cute DIY-looking menu

Cheese breadsticks and a glass of 2008 Alsace Riesling

Fanastic bread and luscious salted butter (man, we couldn’t get enough of this)

Sauteed foie gras with Melon in Amaretto jelly

Happy as a clam

Whiting with breadcrumbs and mashed potatoes

This was OUTSTANDING! The fish was so flakey and moist, and potatoes so creamy..

Saddle of lamb roasted with aubergine caviar

Extremely creamy dark chocolate petit fours

Bourbon vanilla millefeuille (so sweet of them to remember our anniversary!)
BEST millefeuille we have ever eaten…. BY FAR.

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