09 Aug

Hellllooooo from Paris!!!

It’s only Day 4, but we’ve done so much and also eaten ourselves into a freakin’ stupor. The weather here is fantastic, and rather surreal to see clear blue skies and fluffy white clouds. It’s cool in the mornings/night but very warm during the day. Simply divine :)

Anyway, very exhausted, so just posting a few quick photos of our apartment. We’re incredibly pleased with our duplex-unit. It costs a little more than a smaller/dodgier apartment, but it’s oh SO worth it! It’s actually really spacious for Paris standards, and beautifully spick and span and neat. With ‘French country style’ interiors, the 18th-century building is in the Le Marais area and close to the train and shops. We love it :)

About to leave for the airport. See you in Paris!

Downstairs living area. The front door is behind that dark curtain,
and the windows open out to a quiet little courtyard garden.

Huge mirror on the other side of the downstairs area, facing kitchen
and bathroom/washing machine.

Closer look at the lil bathroom and kitchenette

Other side of the kitchenette with the tres cool glass staircase!

The staircase leads up to the bedroom

Very cool staircase. A bit freaky the first time you go up/down it though

Lovely bed on the 2nd floor

Shower, sink and desk on the 2nd floor

Outside the (blue) main door. Those vines behind us have grapes!

PS. I know I haven’t responded to most of my emails or LJ comments. Sorry! Hardly online and really only managed to find time tonight to do this blog entry. Will get around to it all over the next few days, hopefully :)

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