04 Aug

How two little red lines can change your entire life…

This pregnancy announcement almost trumped our engagement announcement in terms of # of comments – I guess you guys are mainly interested in weddings and babies? :P

So I’m in my 2nd Trimester now.. at exactly 4 months pregnant (16 weeks) as of today.

I’m due 19 January 2011 :)

I guess what really shocked us the most was.. erm… how quickly it happened. Not that we were unprepared, but that it took a grand total of one week between us deciding to stop not trying (*ahem*), and just leave it up to God. That’s kind of crazy considering my parents took 7 years (!!!) to conceive me, so I always just assumed we would take ages. It’s why I didn’t really think I was pregnant until quite late – we knew that normally it takes couples around 6 months or more to fall pregnant, so we figured it would happen around the end of the year.. certainly not a few days later :P Well, better sooner than later, I guess!

So far I haven’t really had common first-trimester pregnancy bad-symptoms (nausea, backache, heartburn, varicose veins, bloating). The only BAD thing is that my weight has shot from 45KG to 48.5KG (107lbs) as of today – eeeeeeekkkkkk :( It really does show on me. My waist is so much thicker now and I have a pot belly. Sadly, I don’t actually look like I’m obviously pregnant at a glance yet :P I’m also trying to wrap my head around the fact that by the end, I’ll be around 60KG… that’s almost 50% more of me than there was pre-pregnancy!!!! I can’t really imagine what I’m going to look like (besides a giant ball) and I’m too scared to dwell upon it too much. I just remind myself it’s not just about me anymore, it’s really all about the baby. Right?? :)

Chris is all kinds of amazing. Thank God for him. I thought usually guys are pretty hands-off, but he’s read up so much about pregnancy and babies, and is so pumped full of knowledge, that it beats mine, haha. It makes me feel really safe because he knows exactly what I should/shouldn’t be doing or eating.. so I can pretty much leave it all to him and be well taken care of. He’s going to be freakin’ amazing Dad, and he’s so excited about all this, and meeting his baby in January, that he’s just a bundle of madness :P

Anyway, here’s a video of our baby’s heartbeat. This was taken at 12 weeks (one month ago) so it was only around 3 inches head-to-bum then. Now, it’s 4.5 inches :) We find out if it’s a Boy or a Girl straight after we come back from our 4-week Eurotrip!

(link for China visitors)

150-or-so beats per minute :)

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