31 Jul

Mum and Dad fly into Shanghai tonight.. and then my aunt and uncle shortly afterwards :)

They’ll be helping to house-sit and ferret-sit for us since we’re gone for…… *DRUMROLL*……… 4 weeks to Europe!!!! SQUEEEE!!!!

We leave next week, and we’ll be hitting:

Paris, France
Avignon, France
Marseilles, France
Casis, France
Barcelona, Spain
Moscow, Russia
St Petersburg, Russia

We’ve been planning this epic trip ever since we got married last year. Specifically, we always knew we’d be celebrating our 1st year wedding anniversary (8 August… next week!) in Paris. And so ages back we booked our flights, and in the past month we’ve pieced together our itinerary – a massive headache since we’re going to so many places and specifically want to go to all the yummiest restaurants. Because let’s face it, it really is a culinary journey in Europe, more than anything else ;)

To say we’re excited about our month-long holiday is a total understatement :D WE CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!!!!!

But first, we get a fun few days with Mum and Dad in Shanghai’s summer. It will be nice to see them again :)

YAY happy with this result, since fries are my #1 favourite food :D

You Are French Fries

You are friendly and easygoing. People can’t help but like you!
You are always welcome wherever you go, and people crave you more than they’d like to admit.

You are extremely fun loving. You try not to think about responsibilities whenever possible.
You are rich in personality and spirit. You have a lot to offer, but you never let it go to your head.

PS. Also wanted to show off my 2 new LJ icons that I adore :P

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