27 Jul

Food Fusion
8/F Parkson Mall
918 Huaihai Zhong Lu
Shanghai, China

PRICE: 元元元

One of my girl friends was very keen to go to Food Fusion with us, as she reckons it’s got the best Singaporean/Malaysian food in Shanghai. Hidden away on the 8th floor of Parkson mall, the large restaurant is surprisingly packed with diners. Owners aside, the service staff that handled our orders/requests speak only Mandarin, so whilst they have an English menu, be wary if you want to communicate anything else to them short of pointing to the menu to order your dishes.

I particularly enjoyed their chicken curry, which had large tender chunks of chicken in a creamy spicy curry sauce. Delicious with some roti chanai/prata dunked in – mmmm! I’m very keen to go back to try their Hainanese Chicken Rice and Laksa.

We enjoyed the majority of the dishes. And given the very reasonable prices, I think Food Fusion is one of the top SG/MY restaurants here in Shanghai, alongside Orchard CRC which we also like.

Side note:
I ordered Food Fusion delivery for lunch, ‘cos I felt I hadn’t gotten my food fix yet ;) The 2 curry puffs were not amazing. The filling was tasty but the outside was soft and very dry. That said, perhaps it’s because they were delivered but I still wouldn’t order them at the restaurant.
I also had the Bee hoon (large portion) which is dry vermicelli noodles. There’s not a whole lot of meat in there, just some teeny slivers of pork, but they do add in quite a lot of shredded cabbage. It’s incredibly tasty and really hit the spot. However, despite ordering the “large” portion I thought it was kind of small… basically I ate the 2 curry puffs and the large portion of noodles for lunch, when I’d assumed it could be split over 2 lunches. Still, good value and I liked it :)

The lovely interior of Food Fusion

Teh Tarik (iced) and Lime juice – both nice but astoundingly expensive

Rojak – not a fan of this since there’s no meat :P

Absolutely fantastic creamy Chicken curry, though the Roti prata wasn’t fluffy enough

Fried radish cake – fantastically tasty and a very decent portion. Loved it!

Nasi Lemak with dubious green rice, but it was tasty and again, fab chicken curry

Hokkien mee – entirely bland and missable

Ice kachang for dessert

An outstanding Cendol, this was luscious :)~

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