26 Jul

i Care Liwu is a company where you can purchase gift experiences for your family and friends in Shanghai. Instead of sending them a regular gift, I Care Liwu allows you the opportunity to buy them a whole experience – be it a day horseriding, a spa treat, a cooking class, etc, etc. There are over 50 experiences to choose from, and the recipient receives a cute gift box with the voucher, the experience description as well as a personal message from you. It’s an AWESOME and novel way to give gifts to your friends living in Shanghai – regardless if you live in the same city or overseas!

I Care Liwu generously sponsored Chris and I a Fencing class over the weekend. We were really excited, since we’ve never Fenced in our life! It required a lot mobility and quick reflexes than I thought, and the 90 mins sped by.

We were first put through a warm up session to get our muscles warm, then practiced our handwork and footwork. That was the easy part ;) Next, we suited up. Boy, the stuff is thick!! Layer after layer was piled on, so we don’t get impaled :P We were connected to a wire, which would electronically detect when we jab our opponent, so there’s no pretending that you won when you really hadn’t ;)

The last part of the session was dueling each other, which was the most fun part. It is DIFFICULT! Seems easy when you watch it on TV, but it’s really tough to get all the footwork right and be nimble enough to win. I think I wasn’t very good, haha. Chris was though, he has the power and the long arms to do well.

It was a really interesting and fun experience, something we would never have thought of doing ourselves, so huuuuge thanks to I Care Liwu for sponsoring us the class!

Extreme Fencing Club

The cute gift box that recipients get when you
purchase them a gift experience from I Care Liwu

Close up

The big Fencing room

A wall of photos of fencing connoisseurs

With the I Care Liwu representative


Glove-ing up to practice our hand movements

The sexy man shows us how it’s done

Still practising

All suited up and looking like a pillsbury doughboy ;)

EN GUARDE! It’s Chris and I dueling. Good way for us to
resolve arguments in future, muahaha..

Video of Chris dueling some other guy

Group shot!

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