21 Jul

Bellies filled after our brunch at New Heights on The Bund, we headed to the That’s Shanghai magazine office to meet my girl friends for a photoshoot for their Awards, as our community won “Best Community Group” of the year. Coolness!

On the downside, it was a STINKING HOT DAY hence why I look like a sweaty mess in the photos. Shanghai’s summers are infamous – humid and hot hot hot! All you can do is sit in air-conditioning all day long.. otherwise the moment you step outside you’ll be sweating – nice ;)

It was all done pretty quickly, and we did individual shots, group shots and funny shots. Chris was meant to be cameraman and take all the “behind the scenes” stuff, but I guess the weather must’ve been so hot he “forgot” and hid inside in the air conditioning instead, doh! So we have just these few photos below..

Camwhoring in the air conditioned room whilst waiting for some of the other girls

Posing with the That’s Shanghai magazine sign

Looking like someone’s 12 year old little sister. UGH!


Afterwards, since we were in our nice clothes, we adjourned to Wagas for a quick lunch. Or rather, since Chris and I had already eaten at New Heights, the others ate whilst we chowed down on coffee and yummy desserts :) Wagas’ iced mocha is divine – very very creamy and rich, and sweet. It’s laced with liquid chocolate drizzled in and perfect on a hot summer’s day. One of my favourite desserts there is their Mocha cupcakes, which actually comes from Baker + Spice bakery. It’s moist, flavourful, and the mocha icing is creamy.

Best Community Group!

With the girls

Desserts and iced mocha… mmm.. loved it…

After Wagas, we decided to head down the road for a few drinks at Downstairs by David Laris. Same place that we went for brunch recently. And there we sat for hours drinking, nibbling on snacks, and yakking away – a PERFECT Sunday afternoon :)

Zoning out at Downstairs

We had white wine (not pictured) and some lovely teas. This one is Peppermint!

Fries with truffle salt, though there was ZERO taste of truffle. For shame!

Thai Fish Cakes. Only average.

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