21 Jul

Thai House
Room 205, No.12
Lane 657 Wuding Lu
Shanghai, China


There is this hidden Thai treasure in Shanghai.

Its name is Thai House and it’s flat-out impossible to stumble upon it yourself. You either have to have a friend recommend it to you and bring you there, or read an online review (like this one!) and find your way there.

I won’t mince my words: the place is situated in a horror-movie type location, and if you’re there by yourself at night, you’d be freakin’ SCARED.

Fortunately, we were a group of 5, and some of the girls had been there before and so confidently knew where to go. Chris and I were horrified at the surroundings, and our friends had to urge us “Trust me!! This is it..” as we tentatively ventured forward, ready to be mugged and left for dead at any moment. Dramatic sounding? Yes. But go there at night and you’ll see what I mean!

Go down a dark alley and through those black metal gates at the end.
Try not to think scary thoughts that you’re about to be mugged.

Turn right after the metal gates and at the end of the alley is a tiny door

Go in and up to the 2nd floor and FINALLY you see Thai House!

Once in there, Thai House is a beautiful, comfy, homely little restaurant. The staff are friendly, though a little inattentive since we were sitting in one of the little separate rooms and they rarely poked their head in to check on us and see if we needed anything. Still, all the dishes came out swiftly and they were absolutely delicious. I was so impressed with the authenticity of the sauces and cuisine, and just how flat-out tasty the food was.

A special call-out to the Tom Yum soup which came in a large steam-boat style container. We asked for “less spice” and it was 100% perfection. We declared it the best Tom Yum we’ve ever had. It had the perfect combination of spice and sourness, and came chock full of ingredients. Normally, I don’t even drink Tom Yum soup because I don’t like it, but I loved this one so much I had 3 full bowls.

The other excellent dish was the Pandan leaf chicken. Fat juicy chunks of marinated chicken wrapped in pandan leaves and BBQ’d… it was tender and tasty, lovely eaten alone or with a scoop of plain white rice. And my 3rd favourite dish was the Pad Thai, so common at Thai places but often not executed as perfectly as this one. The noodles were cooked to just-so firmness, with a sweet and tangy sauce and studded with ingredients. A squeeze of fresh lime and you’ve got yourself one helluva satisfying dish.

A fabulous meal, and it worked out to 90元 per person inclusive of drinks and desserts. We ate a lot though, you could easily have a decent meal that for half the price. We’ll definitely be back, preferably bringing our parents or friends that haven’t been there before, so we can scare ’em first with those dark alleys :P

Finally seated in the cozy restaurant

An ice cold beer and lemongrass drink

Thai spring rolls – surprisingly very fresh and yummy!

Papaya salad – ask for this “less spicy” as it normally is spicy enough to kill

The outstanding, amazing Tom Yum soup

Excellent Pandan leaf chicken

Very creamy vegetable green curry

Mussamun beef curry – the only one that wasn’t good, with gristly, tough beef

One fabulous Pad Thai

Coconut puddings – a delicious dessert!

Mango (it was a bit too sour) and sticky rice with coconut cream

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