10 Jul

Chris simply adores Melting Moments with Lemon Icing.. it’s right up there with his other favourite dessert, Custard Tea Cake. I’ve made that one many times before, but never Melting Moments… so I decided to bake some cookies one evening, much to his delight :)

Let me just say that if you’ve had Melting Moments before, they are TOTALLY different when fresh out of the oven. Holy smokes they are GOOD when they’re freshly made!!! And another thing to note is that the ingredients are SO easy to find, and it’s SO simple and cheap to make… that I wonder why Melting Moments command the price they do at bakeries. I don’t think I’d be paying for those ever again, now that I know I can make them so easily ;)

This batch below makes around 25 cookies. Use a big bowl if you don’t want to be covered in flour! And refrigerate any cookies (in an air-tight container) you don’t eat straightaway, so they can keep for up to a week. Also, these are more on the buttery shortcake side, instead of sugary sweet, so it will suit those that don’t like sugary desserts like a chocolate mud cake.

Give this a whirl! It’s not difficult, and will be a hit with your family and friends. Plus, they’ll be impressed that you can make “gourmet bakery” style goodies.. but only you and I know that it’s actually a cinch to make, right? :P

Beat 300g plain flour, 300g room-temperature butter, 100g sifted icing sugar,
100g custard powder, pinch of salt and 1/2 tsp vanilla together in a bowl.

Beat until well-combined and pale. It will be a bit sticky.

Roll a bit of the mix into small balls and place on a baking tray. Use a (well-floured) fork
to press down on each one to form those little lines on top and to flatten.

Bake at 160 celcius (fan forced oven) for approx 12-15 mins until cooked. Let cool.

For the icing, combine 240g sifted icing sugar with 60g melted butter and bits of
lemon zest (ie. lemon rind finely grated)

Add lemon juice a bit at a time until the icing is smooth and creamy, like what icing should be

Spoon a small amount of lemon icing onto one biscuit and press down lightly
with another biscuit. VOILA!

Melting Moments with Lemon Icing

Insanely buttery and delicious :)~

Normal consumption = 4 biscuits in one sitting. Store the rest in the fridge :)

Only a little true :P

You Are an Idealist

You can’t help but dream big, and you resent anyone who tries to bring you back down to earth.
You are always optimistic and cheerful. You expect the best, even if things don’t turn out as planned.

You are caring and easy going. You are simply a great person to be around.
You have a lot of friends, and you’re very popular. And you’re even quite humble too!

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