08 Jul

This week, we went on a crazy domestic god/goddess cooking binge. We infrequently cook at home, because 1) groceries are expensive here unless you buy them from the dubious local supermarkets, 2) dining out is relatively cheap assuming you don’t go to super high-end restaurants and 3) we live smack in the city so lots of dining options around us within walking distance.

However, we do actually love to cook when time allows, which means we have to pre-plan in advance so we can do our grocery shopping over the weekend. We did just that and whipped up 3 lovely meals – all very easy to make and delicious!

MEAL #1: Tacos

Most of the effort is in just chopping the veggies, otherwise the beef is a cinch to fry up with a bit of packet taco seasoning. Easy peasy, and so utterly tasty. This is one of Chris’ favourite meals and he always gets really excited when we decided to make it :)

Chopped lettuce, avocado, tomatoes

Beef, capsicum and mushrooms

Sour cream, salsa, cheese

Yummy soft tacos

Ready to be gobbled up

MEAL #2: Baked salmon

An uber healthy meal. Just take a slab of salmon and wrap it up with some foil, popping in a pat of butter, a squeeze of lemon juice, and a sprinkle of herbs/salt/pepper before wrapping it all up into a little sealed packet. Bake at 160 celcius for 15 mins or until cooked. The result is tender salmon that falls apart with a poke of a fork, and it still retains all it’s juices. We serve it with some fresh sliced tomatoes, a scoop of salsa, and homemade guacamole (avocado, chopped red onion, lemon juice, salt and pepper)

MEAL #3: Beef Stroganoff

Brilliant comfort food, and it can be served on pasta, rice, mashed potatoes or toast. It’s incredibly creamy and rich (thanks to all the sour cream!) and oh so tasty. I always flash fry the beef and mushrooms first so they’re brown and have a lovely slightly charred flavour to them. I used my own recipe for this.. or rather I just made it up as I went along :P But I suppose the closest actual recipe would be this one.

And there you have it! 3 meals that cross-use similiar ingredients, so you don’t have to buy a ton of stuff that will fill up your refrigerator and go off a few days later. Simple, quick-to-cook meals that don’t waste ingredients… perfect for working couples like us :)

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