07 Jul

I actually bought my Hermes “kelly” watch with orange leather strap awhile back, shipped in from the USA, but never got round to posting about it. Apart from this, I won’t be posting about shopping/fashion related purchases for awhile.. I have gone on a self-imposed ban (okay, maybe a moderate restriction.. let’s not get carried away here!) for the rest of this year and have decided to STOP/CUT DOWN on buying expensive stuff that serves no other purpose except to make me delighted.

I’m really detail-oriented when it comes to expenses, and actually keep an itemised spreadsheet that tracks down every single expense we have, down to the cent. I’ve had it for years now, and when I was flipping through it, I noticed that a HUUUUUGGGGGEEEE portion of it was on “me” purchases. Basically, stuff I don’t need to survive. On top of that, our place is freakin’ overflowing with stuff – my clothes don’t fit into all our closets, my handbags are spilling everywhere, and let’s just say visitors are stunned when they step through our front door and see my shoe collection right at the entrance (taking up an entire large cupboard and stacked from floor-to-ceiling).

Soooo it has come down to the crunch. NO MORE SPENDING! Once in a while is still okay, I reckon, but not at the frantic rate that I normally go at. I want to save much more than what we normally save now, and I just don’t want to shop anymore.

The good news is, I haven’t really had the urge to shop in the past month. Plus, I’m also thinking of selling a whole bunch of my stuff – unworn/barely worn shoes, handbags, and clothes. Over the next few weeks I’m going to trawl through my closets, and sort everything from Most-to-Least Expensive. Then review if I reaaalllyyy need the expensive stuff and sell it off if I don’t. I figure that most of the stuff I’ll be selling I can either get back the full price that I paid, or make a profit (because I have a lot of limited edition hand bags, etc). So I figure if I make a few thousand bucks, that’s still a few thousand bucks straight to the bank :)

Errr….. I massively digressed.


So apart from my Louis Vuitton tambour watch I bought a few years back and my Cartier vintage watch that I inherited from Mum (yay!), I don’t own any other watches. I don’t feel I need to, since I love the 2 I already have. But this particular watch from Hermes caught my eye. It’s a detachable watch that clips onto a leather band/bracelet, which is TOO CUTE!

Only downside? The watch is actually too big for my small wrist. So what I do is clip it onto my hand bag so I can still tell the time easily, and use the bracelet with my Tiffany & Co lock charm instead. It’s the perfect size for it and makes a cute *clack* when I move.

Most of all, I like the iconic ORANGE colour. I don’t really wear any orange clothes so I like how it stands out. Plus, I also love how it fits me (they had to punch extra holes, but it still looks fine). I really wanted the Hermes clic clac bangle, but the small PM size is by far too big for me :( So this one was the winner, and I’m really pleased with it. Nice to have a classic band and I love how I can attach different charms on it if I don’t want to use the Kelly watch it comes with!

Oh, and it matches my Hermes orange leather wrap bracelet very well, IMHO :)

I <3 Hermes orange :P

Hermes “kelly” watch with orange leather strap


My wrist is 5″ so Hermes had to punch extra holes in, but it still sits okay!

On my wrist. The watch is a bit big for it, I know..

…so I clip the watch onto my handbags, and use this Tiffany & Co charm instead

Close up with the Tiffany & Co charm instead, a much better size IMHO

Pic off the Hermes website. Black’s really chic, but I love my orange!
What’s YOUR favourite colour? :)

(my other Hermes purchases)

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