03 Jul

Because I write food reviews for City Weekend magazine, they were really nice and extended to Chris and I an invitation to their 2010 Awards Party, held in G Plus club in Xintiandi. Considering a big portion of the awards are Food & Dining Awards, I was very very keen to go ;)

It was fab putting names to faces of restaurant owners, celebrity chefs, etc. Just nice to see names behind all those restaurants that we frequent! There were some winners that we thought were spot-on, and others that made us go “…wut?”, but my favourite winner of the night was HoF – a dessert and cocktail lounge that I have an obsession with.

I actually thought that, considering so many restaurant owners were there, it would be a heavily catered event. Turns out the buffet table was big with lots of selection, but it was basically all fried foods! Fried spring rolls, fried chicken wings, fried popcorn chicken, fried pork, fried buns, etc etc. Was quite funny…. because there were a lot of beautiful people at the event, and obviously a lot of very thin, gorgeous women – all of whom were empty handed, I assume because they didn’t dare to eat the fried foods, LOL! The food was alright, nothing amazing. What was awesome were the crinkle cut fries, one of my absolutely favourite foods. I slopped on dollops of mayonnaise and sweet chilli on the fries, stirred it all up, then shoveled them into my mouth with a fork. OH SUCH BLISSSS!!!!!!!!!! Who needs steak and foie gras at a dinner if you have crinkle cut fries with mayo and sweet chill?!

Their signature cocktails were adorable – in red globes and with a floating plastic “ice cub” with a little light inside, so it looked like you were holding a red ball of light. So cute :) But we didn’t stay long drinking because we left early so Chris could take a conference call and I headed off to Cuvee to meet other folk and have a much more chill night…

Tourist pose outside the G Plus nightclub. I look freakishly small, I swear it’s the angle!

The awesomely cool club

Cocktails in globes with a floating LED light – so freakin’ cool!!!!!

The food area.. muahahha

My (messy) 1st plate of food and another pic of those cute cocktails

It was pumping! The stage was just behind me

Awards Ceremony – my favourite were all the Food awards… obviously ;)

Me with my fabulously awesome husband :)

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