02 Jul

I’m a big fan of Shoes Of Prey. Where else can you get excellent quality couture (custom made) shoes for a non-heart stopping price? Frankly, living in China, you’d think I can get access to this easily.. but it’s not that easy to find, and the quality is sub par because there’s no strict quality control. I know this because I purchased a pair of snakeskin cage heels from them before and inspected it like a crazy person for neatness of stitching and quality of product, and it was superb.

Anyway, they recently launched boots!!! Cute little ankle booties that I’ve actually been wanting to buy for over a year now. In the warmer months, I don’t want to wear my knee-high leather boots, but sometimes I also don’t want to wear open-toe sandals. For my short shorts and skirts, I think I look less “naked” when I pair them with ankle boots instead of heels (which can inadvertently make you look like a stripper). So of course, I just had to make myself a pair ;)

The Shoes of Prey folk were very patient with me whilst I bombarded them with emails back-and-forth about sizing, padding in the sole, and what would look good. I then created my design, which is really easy in their online tool. And thus began the wait – the most painful part about custom made shoes – as it takes 8 weeks.

My shoe in the design stage

The boots arrived this week, beautifully wrapped. I love the chic black Shoes of Prey box, that’s lined and padded on the inside and comes with a photo of your shoes (to stick on the box for easy identification) and also comes with a lovely velvet shoe bag for travel. I was actually quite surprised at the quality of the shoes – they were really sold and all the stitching was so tight. Love the attention to detail! The leather was perfectly selected, and it was well made.

They fit me perfectly :) I think they’d look fantastic with short shorts/skirt, or with leggings and a dress. The leather is smooth and thick, so I won’t freak out if it rains, and also when I walk down Shanghai’s dirty streets. So pleased with them. I’m eyeing a pair of ballet flats now, but I’m on a shopping ban for the rest of the year (errr… hopefully) so musttttt….. refraaaaiinnn…..

My review/experience of my previous Shoes of Prey shoes here.

The luxe box and personalised letter

My booties happily nestled inside

Black leather with leopard peek-a-boo trim

Love the padding in the heel

On me :)

The photo Shoes of Prey sent me when they were completed

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