01 Jul

Lost Heaven Yunnan Folk Cuisine
17 Yan’an Dong Lu (延安东路17号)
Shanghai, China

PRICE: 元元元元

Lost Heaven was the place of choice of one of my favourite girl friend’s birthday bash. I like the restaurant because despite being on the (expensive) Bund area and looking gorgeous inside, the prices are fairly reasonable and the food is great.

Set in a huge 3-storey villa, the interior is a sultry mix of romance and cool. With wood flooring and subtle spot lights showing off the rich hues of the restaurant and traditional Yunnan artworks, it makes both a fantastic date place and also for meet ups with friends. And let’s not forget the top floor bar, which is open-air, opulent, and with wide open spaces (very nice in crowded Shanghai). Service is attentive and brisk, with waiters dashing around between the bar and the tables/couches to serve everyone. We had our pre-dinner drinks here before heading downstairs for dinner, and then back again to the bar for post-dinner drinks ;)

Lost Heaven’s cuisine has highlights from Dali, Lijiang, and Burma. Sounds exotic? Well, it’s basically very similiar to Thai food :) Beware the spice factor though, some sent me through the roof! Their dishes came swiftly, considering the restaurant is absolutely HUGE and we had about 35 people (!!!) at our table. We ordered around 35-40 dishes and everyone left satisfied, plus it didn’t burn a hole in our wallets.

I enjoyed almost all the dishes, most of them were average-to-fantastic. For you vegetarians out there, they have an excellent selection of veg dishes, and they were all delicious (actually, my favourite dish was a vegetarian one!). A delightful dinner time place, and even better for a birthday celebration :)

Outfit: some cheap dress I bought in Sydney for $15, Christian Dior shoes (same ones I wore at my wedding)

Me with Miss Birthday Girl!

Yunnan artworks decorated the 3-story villa

The dining room. Just a small corner of it, it was massive

Our 35-person table

I had a kiwi juice, and a Burmese milk tea – both delish but overpriced at 40元

Delicious chilled tofu on eggplant, but with killer spicy chillies

Vegetarian spring rolls – didn’t like these, don’t like spring rolls with no meat

Lamb samosas – now THIS is more my style!!

Vegetarian noodles – Favourite dish of the night!!!

Minced pork and shallots – not very exciting

Da Li chicken with chilli and green onions – my other favourite dish. Just like
Sang Tung Chicken that we adored back in Australia.

Eggplant with tomato salsa – the flavour was good, but the batter was too soggy

Adjourning back to the open-air bar


All in black, co-incidentally

Taken in the inside area of the bar

All our cute shoes :D

I’m the midget of the group :(

Blowing out her birthday cake, from HoF, my favourite dessert joint!

Tucking into the Caramel and Chocolate cake… mmmmm…..

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