29 Jun

Got the Louis Vuitton “onatah” hobo bag, in Aubergine colour :)

I actually got it quite a few weeks ago, but never got round to posting about it! Louis Vuitton don’t usually make really soft/slouchy leather bags (at least not like the way Balenciaga does) so for awhile I lost interest in the brand.

I really like the Aubergine colour, a rich deep eggplant that surprisingly works with most outfits. It sits really comfortably on my shoulder (doesn’t slip off) and is so buttery soft and slouchy, yay!! The feel of it is lovely :) It’s surprisingly roomy inside as well, and fits in my purse organiser so I don’t have to dig around for whatever I’m looking for.

Since I bought it though, I’ve made the decision to “shop less, save more”. And I know that since it’s a discontinued style and in new condition, it will sell well. So I may sell it in a few months… and get the cash instead!

Louis Vuitton “onatah” hobo bag


I like the sturdy fabric strap

The LV logo looks obvious like this, but in real life it’s so subtle it’s almost invisible :)

With my purse organiser inside

A nice size on me, I reckon!

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