27 Jun

Ming Ming Can Ting
269 Beihai Lu 北海路269号
Shanghai, China


My review of Ming Ming Can Ting was published in City Weekend magazine, but here it is for those of you that didn’t get a copy. So the background is: this was the first place near my office that I discovered, and I completely fell in love. They have the BEST noodles in Shanghai IMHO, especially since it’s a mere US$1.20 (?!?!?!) for a bowl. My review below is of their noodles, but I also highly recommend getting their “Ya Tui” which translates to “duck leg”. It’s basically a leg of duck that is very mildly spicy, but is fat and juicy. You just grab it and gnaw, cave-man style. I get it with a bowl of plain noodles (without the soup) and it makes for a delicious, satisfying lunch.

Anyway, here’s the review I wrote :)

Ming Ming Can Ting is nondescript local spot with a little secret–a fact made plain by the crowds during lunch hour–they make their noodles fresh daily.
So there’s always a bit of organized chaos as you order at the counter, find a seat at a (most likely shared) table and hand your receipt to the waitress. Their cheap and simplela rou mian (spicy pork noodles, 辣肉面, ¥8) comes piping hot, with the fiery bits of braised pork sitting jauntily atop a large tumble of cream-colored noodles.
The broth is spicy and satisfying, and the noodles are tender and silky with a firm, satisfying bite. Add ¥1 for some qing cai (fresh vegetables, 青菜) and you’ve got yourself a filling, delicious meal for under ¥10.
Cheap eats at their finest.

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